Potential WrestleMania 37 update on Goldberg

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Potential WrestleMania 37 update on Goldberg

One of the most important Superstars missing from the WWE stage par excellence, in the two nights dedicated to WrestleMania 37, is WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg, who had returned to be seen in Raw Legends, going to challenge the then WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, to a title match in that of the Royal Rumble, which the Scotsman however sensationally won, beating the legendary WCW athlete in a few minutes.

After disappearing once again, many fans of the WWE Universe were certain that they would see the historic athlete again in the show rings of the shows, with the presence of Goldberg and maybe even that of The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar or even The Rock, who were you were widely "rumored" over the weeks and months.

Goldberg was recently tipped for a non-wrestling role in WWE

Apparently, the original plans of WWE were to use Da Man for the Showcase of the Immortals and not for the Rumble, with the usual Fightful Select, a very important overseas podcast, which in fact wanted to reveal what were the initial plans management, before the first Big Four of the year.

The insiders of the site, in fact, stated during the last program that: "Goldberg's name was being discussed for a WrestleMania match earlier this year and the schedule pitted him against Drew McIntyre, which was widely mentioned backstage.

Anyway, it's been since February that he no longer appears in the plans of the company, at least as regards the creative side. In his contract, Goldberg still has one match to play until the end of the year." Apparently, as revealed by the Fightful reporters, although Goldberg is no longer scheduled for any match at the Showcase of the Immortals, it is still scheduled to go on stage in another lightning-fast feud between now and the end of the year, in which much he will probably return to battle one of the company's most prominent Superstars, as his contract makes clear.

We'll see now, who will be the next victim of Da Man, or rather, as he would say "Who's Next?" In a recent Sportskeeda Wrestling exclusive, John Cena Sr. discussed Goldberg and a future role the Hall of Famer could take up.

"I'd love to see Goldberg in a manager's position. The knowledge that man has, the vocals he has. It's the perfect spot for him and the way you use him is, make him that manager, like Heyman, Lou Albano, Bobby Heenan...

you know, he can do both. He can be the mouthpiece. And when it's time for action, he can get in the ring and go."