WWE legend admits he stole an idea from Bret Hart and Goldberg

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WWE legend admits he stole an idea from Bret Hart and Goldberg

One of the most anticipated matches of the two WrestleMania 37 cards, is undoubtedly the primetime opener, which we at WorldWrestling also confirmed in the early hours of the morning, with Drew McIntyre going in search of the WWE title lost a few months ago, going to battle with the current belt holder, Bobby Lashley.

After easily beating The Miz, the previous champion of one of the most historic and important championships of the WWE, Bobby Lashley has received the challenge of the Scotsman, who is thus trying to regain his belt, lost to The Miz only for the attack of the All Mighty himself, arrived after a grueling Elimination Chamber, from which McIntyre, however, came out victorious.

Apparently, for one of the WWE Hall of Famers, this meeting, which will open the entire card of this year's Showcase of the Immortals, will be a true classic of the federation, which will be remembered over the years, as one of the matches.

inevitable in the various collections of fans of the discipline. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has admitted that a famous moment in his WrestleMania 22 match against Edge was stolen from Bret Hart and Goldberg. In his latest interview on Wrestling Inc site, the well-known WWE Hall of Famer, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, wanted to have his say on the match valid for the overall title of Monday Night Raw.

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He said, "As for the construction of the match, the one between Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre could easily become a classic. Drew McIntyre was phenomenal as a champion.

Bobby Lashley, well man, I was admiring his work a few months ago, and as a champion he's amazing, he'll do the best job of him now. His intensity is out of the ordinary, and he's been around for some time now and he's always done a great job, but now, he's definitely on another level.

So it could be a really exciting match, between two really strong guys. They both have great bodies, but both are also great workers, so you never know what they're hiding. So we have these two amazing physicists, who are also tireless workers.

So it could be a devastating match." Speaking on WWE's The Bump, Foley recalled how he used the idea at the start of his match against Edge. However, instead of using a steel plate, he wore barbed wire under his shirt.

“I’m admitting I stole that spot from Bret Hart and Bill Goldberg. Jake Roberts told me in 1992 that a wise man knows where to steal his material. WCW had done a great spot – we call it a spot – where Goldberg had speared Bret, but Bret had a 25-pound weight taped to his midsection.

So [I thought] it worked with a 25-pound weight, it would work with barbed wire as well, so obviously I wasn’t comfortable those first few moments, but I guess I was luring Edge into the spear”.