WWE repairing storm damaged WrestleMania set

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WWE repairing storm damaged WrestleMania set

In the first evening dedicated to WWE WrestleMania, the company had to face a really complicated mishap, which until a few days ago was not foreseen, but which, seeing the location chosen by the WWE, could easily be counted among the possible causes of delays and postponements of the show.

A few hours after the most awaited event from the whole world regarding our beloved sport-show, in Tampa Bay a huge downpour was in fact unleashed which contributed to delaying the start of the show, with the start time scheduled for 2:00 am, which has been considerably moved well beyond 2:35 am.

Backstage news on WrestleMania 37

After seeing a rather exorbitant delay, of over half an hour, in which the Superstars of the federation took turns at the microphone to improvise promos on the spot, with the cameras that have in fact framed various characters such as MVP, Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens and many others, the federation crew also had to fix the material damage caused by the rain.

The great downpour unleashed over the heads of the fans took away some pieces of the set built by the federation at the beginning of the athletes' entrance ramp, with the pirate galleon which in fact saw some of its pieces collapse, including the tarps that served as sails.

At some point, WWE was also forced to evacuate the arena, letting the fans out and returning them, a few tens of minutes later, putting everything back on track and restarting the show normally, although in the first few minutes of the card it did continued to rain copiously.

Due to the rain, Mandy Rose was also the victim of a slip on her entrance ramp in her match, in which she fell from her seat, between the mixture of disbelief and hilarity of the same blonde from Raw. Even during the live broadcast, the same WWE reporters wanted to exorcise the moment, calling this year's edition of WrestleMania: Wrania, with a clear pun with the term "rain", which in English means rain.

In spite of everything, the first evening would have ended in the best way, as the WWE had extensively organized for some time, with the ring that has always been covered in its entirety by the structure built above it, so as not to get wet.

the wrestlers, making it dangerous to fight on the square. WrestleMania 37 Night 1 kicked off in the most unique way as WWE had to delay the start due to the rain and thunder. Several WWE Superstars cut promos backstage before the pay-per-view officially started.

In the first match, WWE Champion Bobby Lashley retained his title against Drew McIntyre after making him pass out to the Hurt Lock.