WWE delaying WrestleMania caused backstage scramble

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WWE delaying WrestleMania caused backstage scramble

During the first night dedicated to WrestleMania 37, as widely reported, WWE had to face huge problems due to the storm that broke out immediately before the start of the event, on the Tampa Bay stadium, at Raymond James Stadium, home of the Showcase of the Immortals.

Due to the danger of falling fumes, WWE was also forced to evacuate the area in front of the ring, letting all fans and insiders out of the stadium, allowing the rains to drain normally, in an optimal safety condition. Although the event had already started at the established time, that is 02:00 Italian time, WWE was unable to stage the show as it was planned, trying to buy time with interviews and promos put on the beautiful and better by his Superstars, who, however, had not been warned in the least about the delay of the start of Wrestlemania.

WWE had to delay WrestleMania 37 for over thirty minutes

Due to the violent storm that also destroyed part of the stage built by the WWE, which was then rebuilt in a hurry by the experts, Vince McMahon thought for several minutes to suspend the event, as he had already hypothesized by choosing how location an outdoor stadium.

As revealed by the reporters of Ringside News, the only people who knew of the plans for a possible slip of WrestleMania were precisely the Chairman of the company and his right-hand man, Bruce Prichard, with Kevin Dunn who was only informed of the WWE patron's plan.

at a later time. In all this, the only ones who knew absolutely nothing of the situation were the wrestlers, who were eagerly awaiting the start of the show, which never came for 40 minutes, with promos that were completely improvised, since no one had been informed about it and had, therefore, no time to prepare.

In the end Wrestlemania started almost 40 minutes late and the atmosphere inside the backstage of the event was disturbed and restless all the time, with the wrestlers of the company who, however, did not in the least disfigure in the ring, setting up one exceptional show.

We were told it was a bit crazy, “but not as bad as one would think”. They pulled through the situation and started off WrestleMania 37 with a totally different vibe. It would have been much easier if creative knew about the delay, because they could have had Superstars lined up for backstage interviews and ready the set, just in case.