Christian Cage on Being in WWE’s No Contact List and Return

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Christian Cage on Being in WWE’s No Contact List and Return

Christian Cage is currently working as an AEW superstar and he recently spoke about being on WWE’s no-contact list with long-time friend Chris Jericho. He appears on The Talk is Jericho podcast to talk about it. Christian Cage suffered numerous injuries during his WWE career which forced him to retire.

He has made his return to professional wrestling as AEW’s special signing at AEW Revolution. Cage spoke about his Unsanctioned match with Randy Orton and noted that he wasn’t allowed to do many physical moves during it as he was on the no-contact list.

Christian Cage on Being in WWE's No-Contact List During Orton Match

“When I went back to do the unsanctioned match with Randy this past summer, it was one of those things. You’re on the non-contact list,” Cage noted.

“So we need to be careful of this. You need to be careful of that. You can’t have this kind of contact, yada yada yada, and I was like, really? Am I that fragile? I feel great. Why is this such an issue?” Jericho then spoke about whether the match with Orton inspired him to rejoin professional wrestling and make an in-ring return.

“It was part of it as well. I saw the rating,” Cage stated. “At the time, it was the best rating they had done since the post-WrestleMania RAW. I was like, man people are really interested to see if I was actually going to have a match, and then I was like, ah, then I kind of let them down by not having to have a match.

It was a really cool angle, and it served its purpose and did what it was supposed to do for Randy and Edge, but on the flip side of that is people would obviously be excited if I came back. So that coupled with the other things that we talked about earlier really made me want to go and do this”.

Jericho then added his take on the no-contact list. He stated that almost all superstars are on one list or another. He also stated that many WWE legends and veterans are on the list as well, including Mick Foley and Sgt. Slaughter.

“It’s funny to talk about being on the no-contact list, and people that don’t know is there’s kind of a list of everybody who’s on the roster,” Jericho explained to Christian Cage. “And there’s the RAW guys, here’s SmackDown, here’s injured [and] here’s no contact.

And no contact is like Sgt. Slaughter. I remember Mick Foley was on there. One time we were at a house show in Rochester. He was the ref, and I wanted him to give me the Socko. And they said, 'He’s on the no-contact. He can’t even give me a Socko?' No, it’s very strict”.