Huge WrestleMania match was in doubt until the last minute

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Huge WrestleMania match was in doubt until the last minute

One of the matches that were changed shortly before the airing of WrestleMania 37, was the one that featured Bad Bunny and Damian Priest on one side and The Miz and John Morrison on the other, with the Puerto Rican-born rapper who has thus made his debut in the ring of the McMahon company, leaving fans amazed by a remarkable physical form, for a non-wrestler.

The news we are about to bring you contains a spoiler on the first night of Wrestlemania 37, so if you have not seen the show, we advise you not to read. Thanks to a performance worthy of a real pro-wrestler, (that of Bad Bunny), the couple formed by Bunny and Priest, managed to get the better of the fight against the former WWE Champion and his trusted ally, who they were mocked by the rapper and the former NXT, who staged a contest that was truly out of the imagination of the fans, on the eve of the event.

Bad Bunny made his in-ring debut at WrestleMania 37

As we have seen in the last episodes of Monday Night Raw, the presence of Damian Priest was announced for the first night of WrestleMania 37 only at the last second, with the physical conditions of the athlete and those of his opponent, John Morrison, who they endangered the tag team match, which eventually managed to go on stage as it had been hypothesized by the WWE.

To the microphones of his latest Newsletter, with the Wrestling Observer radio show, the well-known journalist Dave Meltzer wanted to clarify the situation around Damian Priest just before Wrestlemania 37 aired, with Meltzer also revealing how his presence had been made.

in doubt until the end. In his latest update, the Observer reporter stated: "Priest had a bad back, so WWE initially talked about single matches, due to Priest's injury. I thought Morrison's condition was worse, but I think in the end it was only Priest's condition to blame.

He was eventually declared fit for the fight, but right at the last second available. I don't know if 'Last Second' meant the last week before Wrestlemania, but I was told it was a hit and run. For this reason today I talked about hit and run "

Apparently, the reason for the great space left to Bad Bunny during his tag team match, would be to be found in the fact that Priest's physical condition was not 100%, with the so-called "dirty work", which for once it was played by the rapper and not the former North American Champion of NXT.