*Spoiler* Several WWE titles change at WrestleMania 37

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*Spoiler* Several WWE titles change at WrestleMania 37
*Spoiler* Several WWE titles change at WrestleMania 37

With the conclusion of the second evening of WrestleMania 37, the Showcase of the Immortals has definitively gone to the archives and with it all the emotions and the great victories that the fans of the WWE Universe have experienced in these two days dedicated to the greatest wrestling in the world, that only thanks to McMahon has he returned to smile, boasting an audience of over 25,000 people live in the audience, after a terrible year due to the global pandemic.

If the women had thought to close yesterday evening, with the sensational historic victory of Bianca Belair, who had gone to defeat Sasha Banks, thus graduating for the first time world champion of the blue Smackdown show, in the night just passed, to closing the whole show there were Roman Reigns and his challengers, Daniel Bryan and Edge, who put on a truly exciting triple threat match, which once again saw the strength of the Tribal Chief emerge, once again confirmed as champion.

Several WWE titles change at Wrestlemania 37

WWE experienced a weather delay before the first match could even start for the first night of WrestleMania. It appears that fans could be looking at a repeat tonight. Although yesterday evening was by far a very solid card, that of the second evening even seems to have been better than the first, with as many as five of the seven matches on the card that was valid for a federation title and many of these have in fact also changed owner.

In the first titled defense that didn't go in the best way, Sheamus beat Riddle, thanks to a flying Brogue Kick, which also caused the former champion to bleed from the mouth, with the Celtic Warrior thus becoming the new champion of the United States after months and years of nothing.

If Shayna Baszler and teammate Nia Jax won their match, remaining tag team champions on the WWE main roster, Apollo Crews instead beat Big E, thanks to the intervention of Dabba Kato, who has thus allied himself with the Nigerian-born fighter, who became the new Intercontinental champion, in the signature match devised by the WWE, with ringside bongos, drums and gongs, which could be used by the wrestlers during the match.

Finally, the last to snatch the belt from its previous holder, was Rhea Ripley, new champion of Monday Night Raw, who with a performance worthy of the WrestleMania rings, beat the Japanese Asuka, going to make up for the defeat of the year last, suffered against Charlotte Flair, when however her title, that of NXT Women's Champion, was up for grabs.

A truly great evening that of Wrestlemania 37 Night 2, with the WWE that did not spare anything, going to surprise the fans even with results that on the eve could seem obvious.


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