*Spoiler* Apollo Crews wins the Intercontinental Championship with a new ally

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*Spoiler* Apollo Crews wins the Intercontinental Championship with a new ally
*Spoiler* Apollo Crews wins the Intercontinental Championship with a new ally

One of the secondary matches that also stole the show a bit in WrestleMania 37, in one of the first contests staged in the second night dedicated to the show of the shows, was the match valid for the Intercontinental title, where the former member of the New Day, Big E, has been giving away his Intercontinental title since the attack of Apollo Crews, an athlete who until recently worked in the ranks of the babyface in that of Smackdown and who has now become a heel to all the effects.

After having completely changed his attitude, with some truly devious and terrifying attacks sent to the address of the reigning secondary champion of the blue show, Apollo showed up in Wrestlemania with the typical clothes of his country of origin, Nigeria, in the first Nigerian Drum fight of the history of the Stamford company.

Who is Apollo Crews' new ally?

Thanks to the blunt weapons present at ringside, which could be safely used by the wrestlers without taking any kind of disqualification, not being present in the contest, needless to say, the match between Big E and Apollo Crews has become a real carnage, with both wrestlers who hit each other several times, both with a kendo stick and with the steel steps at the entrance to the ring, a tool already used in Smackdown by Apollo, to attack the champion.

What the fans did not expect, however, is that once the Apollo Crews chapter was practically archived, with Big E who had almost closed the match with his finisher, a familiar face of the rings of the federation, or that of Dabba Kato, a giant athlete seen both at NXT and Raw Underground, who had also clashed with Braun Strowman a few months ago.

Apparently, for WWE this face still remains unknown, at least as reported on its social networks. The protégé of Shane McMahon, in fact, rose out of nowhere in the ring of Wrestlemania 37, attacking Big E in a really vehement way, with a shot that is very reminiscent of the finisher of the late Umaga, the Samoan Spike, with whom Dabba has thus knocked out the champion, favoring the pin of the newly crowned Intercontinental champion, Apollo Crews.

At Smackdown we will certainly know more, but it seems that the WWE has therefore wanted to support the giant athlete with Apollo, to allow him a more "secure" titled kingdom, which fans will probably not accept willingly.

He now finds himself standing alongside Apollo Crews, and will reportedly be going by the name of Commander Azeez. It will be interesting to see what his role will be on the upcoming episodes of SmackDown. One can assume that he and Apollo Crews will have a similar dynamic to that of AJ Styles and Omos.

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