Becky Lynch is trolling the WWE Universe again

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Becky Lynch is trolling the WWE Universe again

A NIGHT ONE, which was quickly followed by a NIGHT TWO. Yet the "Night One", that of WrestleMania 37, went to the archives, and not even the shadow of Becky Lynch. At least in the WWE rings, where the Irish champion herself had hinted that she could reappear after the stop due to her pregnancy.

Was it therefore a colossal troll of her to grow the expectation among her fans for a really unscheduled return? The answer has arrived, and it just seems to be a colossal "yes" After the fateful tweet that had fueled the hopes of the many supporters of her, in fact, Becky Lynch has published another one in these hours.

The theme is the same: a motivational phrase that hides an acronym, whose initials this time give life to the words "NIGHT TWO" The difference is that this time the Lass Kicker has explained more clearly, indeed unequivocally, what is behind it.

"Nothing is guaranteed, here, tonight, tomorrow, what will happen next? It's over", is the meaning of her words on the new social post. To which the sly Becky then added: "I was kidding! Congratulations to Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair!

What a way to make history!"

Becky Lynch hasn't wrestled for about a year now

An answer also to what she herself had posted a few hours after the start of WrestleMania, showing her back during a workout and giving rise to hopes that this was the location of her expected return to WWE.

In that case, Becky Lynch's "clue phrase" was instead "Nothing is guaranteed, here, tonight, just now, forever" And the initials of these words gave life to the much talked about "NIGHT ONE"

Just a joke, though. Indeed, a full-blown troll. And now all that remains is to find out if the troll was even double and if, after having told everyone that WrestleMania will not be there, Becky Lynch does not turn the omelette again and appears sensationally in the ring of that "NIGHT TWO" to which she clearly did understand that there won't be.

WWE President Nick Khan recently gave fans a ray of hope when he stated that Becky Lynch will return to the company sometime in the future. She is still one of the biggest superstars in WWE and is guaranteed to receive a huge pop when she finally makes her return. Lynch has made it clear in her latest tweet that she's simply having some fun at the fans' expense.