Former Superstar on surprise win over The Rock

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Former Superstar on surprise win over The Rock

Speaking in a chat with SportsKeeda's Chris Featherstone, Shane Helms, better known in WWE as The Hurricane, covered several interesting topics about his WWE experience. In view of WrestleMania 19, there is a pivotal episode in the career of Shane Helms: during Monday Night Raw, The Hurricane sensationally beats The Rock, an event that shocked the entire WWE universe.

This defeat is remembered by many fans as the most shocking episode in the history of Raw. The Hurricane recalled in the interview how the insiders and especially the WWE creatives did not want The Rock to be defeated.

The Rock didn't flinch while putting The Hurricane over

In the course of the interview, the former WWE wrestler said: "It was The Rock himself who pushed for my victory against him.

This was basically his idea, I think there were people totally against it, they didn't want The Great One was defeated by me a few days before one of the most important matches of WrestleMania 19, the match between The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Instead, he was totally in agreement with this thought and thought it would be a sensational thing, an episode that would shock the wrestling world (and in fact, he was right)." The match was decided in any case by the intervention of Stone Cold Steve Austin who came out of the ring and found a way to distract The Rock, The Hurricane took advantage of it and managed to surprise his opponent by winning the victory.

Eventually, The Rock got his revenge at WrestleMania 19, where he won against the "real enemy" of that era, Steve Austin. The Hurricane's WWE career has been long and very fruitful: the North Carolina wrestler has twice won the Tag Team Champion title (with Kane and Rosey), twice the Cruiserweight Championship, once the European title.

Champion and once the title of Hardcore Champion. His third reign as Cruiserweight Champion, which lasted 385 days (January 29, 2006, to February 18, 2007) is the longest in WWE history. Over the years, a string of wrestlers and backstage personalities have praised The Rock for being one of the nicest human beings in pro-wrestling.

The Rock has never complained about putting over other talents. He even managed to stay relevant when he lost big-time matches at major shows like WrestleMania, thanks to his unparalleled charisma and mic skills. His gift of gab eventually helped him become one of the biggest actors in all of Hollywood and a world-renowned celebrity.