Why WWE took US title off Riddle at WrestleMania

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Why WWE took US title off Riddle at WrestleMania

One of the matches that stole most of the attention of WWE Universe fans on the second night dedicated to WrestleMania 37, was the contest between the now-former US champion, Riddle and the company's Celtic Warrior, Sheamus.

After a fairly tough battle, which saw the two contenders give each other a holy reason, with some botch that however showed some small imperfections in the struggle of the dispute, Sheamus still managed to snatch the US title from the former NXT, going to hit it in a very violent way with a flying Brogue Kick, with Riddle also starting to spit blood from the blow he received.

Apparently, the WWE has put up the whole storyline valid for the secondary title of Monday Night Raw, because the main athlete who should have been crowned in that of Elimination Chamber 2021, in place of Riddle, was completely different person.

Backstage news on Riddle

WWE’s second night of WrestleMania included a few title switches, including Matt Riddle losing the U.S. Title to Sheamus. That switch seems to put things where they should be in the first place.

Apparently, as reported once again by the usual Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, the initial idea of ​​the WWE was to send to win the secondary title of Monday Night Raw, not Riddle, but Keith Lee, who for problems not better specified and above all not yet resolved, has been absent from the WWE rings for months now.

The victory of Sheamus, therefore, came as the natural consequence of the changes of plans of the WWE, which thus decided to create a new storyline from scratch, ousting Riddle from the title round and focusing everything on the Celtic Warrior.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer stated: "Riddle was never meant to be champion. They were forced into it because Keith Lee, for some reason, was kicked out of the plans. They had to take the belt off Bobby Lashley because they gave him the WWE Title and therefore he couldn't be in two different situations.

They couldn't even give it to Morrison, because Morrison was involved in the Bad Bunny corner. Riddle, therefore, won the title because there were no other chances, so the rectification is this." In practice, the WWE BroMan can be considered very lucky, because he was incredibly the right man in the right place, with the leadership of the federation.

that having no other possibilities, he decided to entrust him only temporarily with the reins of the US category of the federation, which has now been entrusted to the Irish Sheamus, for the happiness of his long-time fans.