Update on WWE's plan for Drew McIntyre after WrestleMania

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Update on WWE's plan for Drew McIntyre after WrestleMania
Update on WWE's plan for Drew McIntyre after WrestleMania

One of the most anticipated matches of WrestleMania 37 was certainly the WWE Championship match between reigning champion Bobby Lashley and The Scottish Psychopath Drew McIntyre. The two giants and stars of the WWE red roster challenged each other in the opening match of the prime time, the first match of the event.

After a clash full of episodes and exciting moments in the end it was The All Mighty to keep the title by forcing Drew McIntyre to give up with the terrible move of the Hurt Lock. The outcome of the bout seemed quite surprising to the insiders and all fans of the WWE Universe with very few expecting Lashley's victory while most thought they would see The Scottish Psychopath regain the title in front of the fans right where.

a year ago he won the title of WWE Champion for the first time, unfortunately, without the presence of the public to celebrate (it was the first period of the Pandemic).

When will Drew McIntyre get his next WWE title shot against Bobby Lashley?

In the course of the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, well-known colleague and wrestling enthusiast Dave Meltzer took stock of what really should happen now in the fight at the WWE Championship.

Here are his words where Meltzer clarifies the situation: "From what I understand Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre will continue to work in this feud of theirs and it's something that surprised me a lot. If they wanted to continue the feud why did they end everything this way? Is that what I don't understand?" Dave Meltzer made it clear that yet another rematch between the two could lead to a clash at Backlash even if at the same time Lashley's victory at WrestleMania 37 brought back rumors about a possible return to WWE of Brock Lesnar: The Beast Incarnate stopped for some time and many are expecting his return on the scene, perhaps for that match that the WWE Universe and Lashley himself have long dreamed of, a meeting that in this case would be worth for the title of WWE Champion.

WrestleMania Backlash has been confirmed for May 16, 2021, and Bobby Lashley's rumored title defense against Drew McIntyre fits the event's theme. Bobby Lashley retaining his belt has also naturally given rise to rumors about Brock Lesnar's return.

Dave Meltzer stated on the last WOR that he didn't see The Beast Incarnate coming back to WWE TV within the next few months, and pushing Drew McIntyre for another title shot could be the company's only viable option. Drew McIntyre's next championship opportunity could be his final chance at capturing RAW's top title for the foreseeable future.

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