Samoa Joe returning to action in WWE?

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Samoa Joe returning to action in WWE?

When WWE puts WrestleMania behind it, historically, the big news is brought into its shows. Which, in some cases, are actually returns rather than debuts. And something like that could soon be about Samoa Joe. WWE has in fact reported a small but important revolution at the Monday Night Raw commentary table, starting with the episode that will air this Monday night (just 24 hours from Night 2 of WrestleMania).

The WWE red show will see among its American commentators the ubiquitous Corey Graves and rookie Adnan Virk. The two will take over from Tom Phillips (who in turn had replaced a never really comfortable Vic Joseph as the lead vocal on the company's flagship show).

The other one out of Raw's commentary table, however, will be Samoa Joe. This, however, does not mean that Joe's experience with the company is over: far from it. WWE itself explains in its statement that the former NXT and US Champion "will continue to be part of the WWE talent roster"

And that could also involve his highly anticipated return as a Superstar on the company's shows.

Samoa Joe returning to action in WWE?

It should be remembered that Samoa Joe has been the victim in recent years of a long series of physical problems: in particular, many problems caused him a hand injury, and later he also suffered a concussion.

Bad setbacks prevented him from following up on his sudden and unexpected turn face which took place in the summer of 2019, when Roman Reigns was at the center of frequent attacks on SmackDown and Samoa Joe joined the then Big Dog in search of the culprit.

Samoa Joe has in fact been inactive since February 2020, but many times there was talk of his desire both for him and for the company not to consider his wrestling career over. And this disengagement from Raw's commentary table could now be the first step to see in action a champion who many times has come close to the maximum laurel of Raw and SmackDown without ever actually managing to touch him.

Joe is a very versatile wrestler and has proved that he can work on a mic, behind a desk, or even in the ring. However, it's questionable as to whether or not his talent is wasted on commentary if he has been cleared to return.

The Samoan Submission Machine could be heading to SmackDown to partner Michael Cole after SmackDown opted for a two-man team. Corey Graves has been a strong man on the mic over the past few years and since Virk will need to adapt to the WWE environment, the former NXT Tag Team Champion is the perfect man to have by his side.