*Spoiler* Charlotte Flair makes a huge statement on her Raw return

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*Spoiler* Charlotte Flair makes a huge statement on her Raw return

Wrestlemania Week is now over and with it everything that was born in the rings of the two nights dedicated to the Showcase of the Immortals could have interesting developments during the shows that follow Wrestlemania and which every year are full of special contents, such as online returns.

screen, the beginnings of new feuds and new chases towards the most important titles. After having skipped the entire Road to Wrestlemania, complete with a challenge launched and then lapsed, one of the protagonists of Monday Night Raw who did not even take part in the direction of the two evenings dedicated to the show of the shows, wanted to return to the scene with a 'completely different attitude compared to the one with which we left it, leaving quite astonished the fans who followed Raw live, as always on USA Network, in the night between Monday and Tuesday.

Charlotte Flair made her return to Monday Night RAW on 12th April to address the WWE Universe and the rest of the women's division. The Queen made it clear to the world that she was unhappy about not being involved in WrestleMania 37.

What is next for Charlotte Flair?

After spending several months at home, initially due to a suspected pregnancy and then due to Covid, Charlotte Flair sensationally stepped back into the rings of Monday Night Raw in the night, where she immediately went to appeal to that match she was supposed to have in Wrestlemania 37, but which unfortunately could not have due to different circumstances.

The thing that stunned the fans, however, is the attitude with which the daughter of the two-time WWE Hall of Famer said these things, that is with a completely different attitude than the last one she had in WWE, with the which Queen wanted to show a new indifferent side of her character, telling fans and colleagues that now she will no longer respect anyone, just like everyone has done with her.

Despite Asuka's Wrestlemania challenge, with the title of Raw Champion up for grabs, ultimately going to Rhea Ripley, who literally replaced her at the Showcase of the Immortals, there was no room for Charlotte Flair for WrestleMania, with the girl who obviously suffered the blow, preferring to return to Raw, taking it out on her colleagues.

After also briefly talking about the covid that hit her, without ever mentioning her illness, Charlotte warned her colleagues, because now she will no longer have pity for anyone. Flair made it clear in her return that she is tired of being referred to as someone who takes opportunities away from others, but still strongly believes that she has not been given the respect that she deserves.