*Spoiler* The Viking Raiders return to Raw

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*Spoiler* The Viking Raiders return to Raw
*Spoiler* The Viking Raiders return to Raw

In the post-Wrestlemania Monday Night Raw live broadcast, like every year, WWE stages the most disparate returns, to ensure that the fans who are still around, in the city where the show is broadcast, are still surprised with the WWE product, before returning to their respective homes.

Thanks to this idea, WWE has produced a truly crackling Monday Night Raw show every year, as in the Wrestlemania travel packages, many fans from all over the world have also bought a ticket for the post-Mania Raw, which such fans went to see live comfortably, which unfortunately did not happen this year either.

After seeing the much-loved public reappear in the two evenings dedicated to Wrestlemania 37, we still have to wait sometime before the fans return to be seen in a physical and concrete way in the weekly shows of the federation.

Despite everything, the WWE still wanted to give some returns to its fans, during the live broadcast that ended a few hours ago, with that of Charlotte Flair which was probably the most sensational return of the evening, but certainly not the only one.

It's time for a raid, as Monday Night RAW saw the return of The Viking Raiders. Erik and Ivar returned on RAW after WrestleMania 37, facing off against former Hurt Business members Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin.

The Viking Raiders wage war on RAW

After 7 months of absence, due to the injury that occurred to Ivar, the Viking Raiders made their long-awaited return this night on Raw, with the teammate of the massive former NXT wrestler, Erik, who in the meantime was parked by the WWE in a corner, without particular matches or particular stories to take part in, waiting for the comrade's return.

The only moments in which we saw Erik on the WWE TV screens came when the "Viking" went to the assault of the 24/7 Championship, in the run-up to the champion, as practically happens in almost every episode of the red show; the belt that by the way, Erick managed to win even once.

Precisely in the episode dedicated to the post-Mania Raw, the WWE has thus decided to bring back the team of former champions, sending them for the occasion against the former members of the Hurt Business, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander; a match that obviously the two returning players won, to the happiness of their fans.

With the former RAW Tag Team Champions back, the rest of the division is definitely on notice. With Cedric and Shelton down, there are only a few teams left before the newly crowned champions, AJ Styles and Omos. They may want to keep an eye on Erik and Ivar, as they could be back into title contention quickly.


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