Rhea Ripley shares her thoughts on title win at WrestleMania

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Rhea Ripley shares her thoughts on title win at WrestleMania
Rhea Ripley shares her thoughts on title win at WrestleMania (Provided by Wrestling World)

The second night dedicated to WrestleMania 37 was staged tonight, a show much awaited by all wrestling fans. During the night several belts changed holders and one of the changes came in one of the most anticipated matches the clash for the female title of Monday Night Raw between the champion Asuka and Rhea Ripley.

The former NXT wrestler was the protagonist of a great performance, worthy of Wrestlemania 37, which led the wrestler to conquer the title with Rhea who won the success against the Japanese, going to redo the defeat of last year, arrived against Charlotte Flair.

What is next for Rhea Ripley after her WrestleMania win?

In that case, Rhea Ripley was the champion and defending her title. At the end of the match, The Nightmare shared his thoughts backstage, during an interview with Sarah Schreiber.

Here are his statements: "For me, this evening is definitely a dream. Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to take part in WrestleMania and finally, I had my Wrestlemania moment in front of the crowd. It's great to go out, see the audience and his reactions and it almost moves you.

I loved every second I spent in the ring today and I did everything, to be honest not to cry." Subsequently, the new champion commented on the match: "This is all crazy, I can't think of the fact that I took on the Raw women's champion at Wrestlemania 37 and won.

This day has passed and Asuka now knows who she is in front of, maybe someone thinks the result of the match is not right, but in the end now I am the champion of the female title on Raw." There is great curiosity about how the title fight on Raw with Rhea will be handled now that could give Asuka a rematch, but could also challenge the great enemy Charlotte Flair in a rematch of last year's feud, or maybe finally we could finally see Becky Lynch's return to Raw.

Rhea Ripley is now at the top of the red brand's Women's division. The big question for the newly crowned queen of RAW will be who will step up to face her for the title. There are plenty of options now that she is in the top spot.

Ripley could perhaps give Asuka her rematch or even face her former rival, Charlotte Flair. There is even the possibility of her facing a returning Becky Lynch. Either way, the RAW Women's Division has gotten a huge boost with Ripley winning the title at WrestleMania 37.

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