Details of 1st meeting between "Stone Cold" Steve Austin- Vince McMahon

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Details of 1st meeting between "Stone Cold" Steve Austin- Vince McMahon
Details of 1st meeting between "Stone Cold" Steve Austin- Vince McMahon

One of the most iconic, historical, remembered and memorable feuds of the WWE, was certainly the one that covered the entire Attitude Era and saw the protagonists of the WWF/E Chairman Vince McMahon and the former world champion of the company, "Stone Cold "Steve Austin, with the two men who have been beating her up for years, with wrecked cars, beer baths, sold in and out of the ring and even an attack directly on the hospital bed where the federation patron had been hospitalized.

Anyone among WWE fans remembers at least one passage of this fantastic feud, even if they have not lived it live, but thanks to the WWE Network, some videos on Youtube or other channels related to the company, will surely be able to smile at the thought of those two who give it a damn, with the Chairman always coming out defeated in front of the Texas Rattlesnake.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin held 19 championships throughout his career

In his latest interview with Premier Live TV, WWE Hall of Famer Jake "the Snake" Roberts, who currently works as a manager at AEW, wanted to bring to mind the very first thought expressed by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, towards his future protege/enemy, with Vince not having the slightest confidence in the future of the boy from the WCW.

To the microphones of the site, Roberts has in fact revealed: "When Stone Cold Steve Austin came to WWF, I was helping writing for TV and watching him and saying to myself 'This motherfucker has something. He's got that it factor and he doesn't even know he has it.

So I started following him in more places. As a kind of the second job, so that no one would see anything. Well, one day I went to Vince and said 'That boy over there will be your next super, superstar' He replied 'Are you kidding Jake? That guy won't last more than five, six matches.

He will never be a main eventer 'And I told him instead that he would do it and how. So he challenged me and said 'Ah do you think it will lead huh?' and I said 'Absolutely yes' and in the end, we tried which of the two was right and I think it worked, right?" Fortunately, the WWE Chairman was urged to test a still inexperienced "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, with the Texan athlete who managed in a short time to go over in a very strong way with the fans of the company and thanks to the support of the fans and himself.

McMahon literally managed to set up the feud of the century, which even today after more than twenty years is still very well remembered by the fans of the company.

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