The Rock reveals what he did when a kid called wrestling 'fake' in school

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The Rock reveals what he did when a kid called wrestling 'fake' in school

The Rock is one of the most successful products in the entire history of WWE: a third-generation fighter, who initially struggled to be appreciated in the rings of the federation (then known as WWF) but who once defined his character found the way to become an authentic world sensation.

Enough to land in the cinema and progressively become one of the brightest stars in Hollywood: even the highest-paid actor in the world. But how the explosion of a star of this level was experienced in WWE. To tell it, after so many years, it was someone who lived at the forefront of all the stages of The Rock's wrestling career.

Or, rather, from the comment table. It is in fact, Jim Ross. Vince McMahon's longtime friend, who has worked for the latter for decades as the lead vocalist on his shows, chose his podcast 'Grilling JR' to reveal the exact moment WWE realized that Hollywood he was about to take the multiple world champion.

It happened at a very precise moment, with Vince McMahon and Jim Ross himself sharing it and immediately realized what the air was pulling.

The Rock himself turned into a pro-wrestling great

"About 10 minutes after seeing the Scorpion King, I sat next to Vince McMahon inside the cinema we went to together.

Not a word was said, we looked into each other's eyes on the seats during the premiere and we looked at each other. with the expressions of two who had just witnessed something special," said Jim Ross. So the genuine feeling experienced by two old wrestling foxes like him and Vince McMahon: "The Rock was like it came off the screen, my friends.

It wasn't in his promos, or the jokes he made in the ring, as much fun as these were. die. But that day we saw him jump off the screen. When he took part in a scene, it was as if the rest of the film no longer existed."

Recall that 'The Scorpion King' is a film shot in 2002, the year in which The Rock's career in WWE was still fully alive. After the release and promotion of the film, he had time to win the WWE Champion title for the seventh time at Vengeance 2002.

In fact, however, his full-time career in the ring ended shortly after, with the last big fight with ""Stone Cold" Steve Austin at WrestleMania XIX on March 30, 2003, the brief feud with Goldberg and then the even less significant one with Evolution and in particular Randy Orton.

So, after WrestleMania XX, from 2004 his career became mainly a Hollywood actor. And all the rest is history. WWE legend The Rock recently revealed on Twitter that he once hit a Piledriver on a kid in elementary school, after the latter called pro-wrestling fake.

Young Rock is being lauded by fans and wrestling personalities on social media. The American sitcom television series based on The Rock's life gives the fans a closer look at The Great One's childhood and his experience growing up as the kid of a famous wrestler.