Mickie James and Billie Kay send a message to Vince McMahon

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Mickie James and Billie Kay send a message to Vince McMahon

Once again, WWE acted as a mere production company, going to lay off some of its "deadwood" which seemed to have become just too much of a burden on the company's pockets. With the usual and skimpy press release arrived on the pages of its official website, which then went viral also on the social networks of the federation, the WWE has announced the release of about a dozen wrestlers from the main roster.

In a historical moment that continues to be not the best, WWE has nevertheless found a way to renew itself, going to build the ThunderDome in its weekly shows, which several workers and professionals had already managed to bring back to the company after their dismissal, but as for the in-ring talents, at the moment we only see releases.

Mickie James and Billie Kay were one of nine Superstars released from the WWE and the legendary female wrestler took to Twitter to post a heartfelt reaction. Immediately after hearing the news of their dismissal, two very great and well-known athletes on the main roster, Mickie James and Billie Kay, former champions of the federation, wanted to make h*t comments on the situation, remaining however only on the thanks to colleagues and former employers.

Mickie James' second WWE run

If James's short message stole only a few lines on the well-known social Twitter, Billie Kay's was a real letter addressed to everyone: fans, colleagues and employers. On her Twitter account, former world champion Mickie James wrote: "Thankful for the memories.

Thankful for the rest of the locker room. Grateful for the fans. Thankful for these little keys of my gold handcuffs. You can never expect a vision of yourself greater than your own dreams. Thanks, Vince McMahon." In a message in which he talked about handcuffs and dreams, it, therefore, seems that Mickie was completely in agreement with her release, a sign that her current situation on the roster was certainly not enjoyable.

For an athlete who thanks everyone, another released leaves her thanks on her profile, with Billie Kay having in fact released the following h*t comment, after yesterday's news: From the mention for The Rock to the thanks for Triple H, Billi Kay did not miss anything, leaving the scene as only a true professional can do: with her head held high and with a smile.