Kurt Angle reveals close backstage relationship with...

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Kurt Angle reveals close backstage relationship with...

Being a WWE superstar requires a lot of effort not only in the ring but also in terms of lifestyle and programming. The wrestlers have to travel for a good part of the calendar year and spend very long periods of time without being able to count on the support of their families.

In the latest edition of the show dedicated to him on 'AdFreeShows.com', Kurt Angle said he had forged a strong bond with Edge, Christian and Rhyno during his long tenure in the Stamford-based federation. The former Olympic gold medalist is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable performers of the modern era, although the epilogue of his career was not the one hoped for by the fans.

The harsh effects of the global pandemic have affected the relationship between Angle and the company of Vince McMahon, forced to make some cuts to face one of the most difficult moments since the post-war period.

Kurt Angle, Edge, Christian and Rhyno had a run as a stable in WWE

“A lot of things happen when superstars are on show, not always beautiful.

The reason why Edge, Christian, and Rhyno got along so well was that - at the time - neither of us touched a drop of alcohol or took drugs. We had this in common. We liked to have fun together, listen to music, go to the gym or dance, eat something in restaurants and then go to the arena for the show.

We helped each other pass the time and I have to admit I had a lot of fun during that time. It is not easy to be away from your family for such a long time. You are almost forced to form a group with the other members of the roster, who transform into your family while you are out and about.

They called us 'Team RECK,'" recalled the former Pittsburgh champion. Kurt Angle also returned to talk about The Rock's farewell to WWE: "He hasn't talked to anyone about it, it was news that left everyone stunned.

We knew his destiny was to become a big Hollywood star, but then and there we were petrified." Vince McMahon is a constant figure in Gorilla Position at every WWE pay-per-view event, and the WWE boss is often the first to interact with Superstars after a match.

Passing the Vince McMahon litmus test after matches can often be a daunting task for the wrestlers, and it can be a moment to cherish for the performers if the WWE Chairman ends up being impressed. Kurt Angle spoke about the backstage reactions to his 2001 match with Chris Benoit during the most recent episode of 'The Kurt Angle Show' on AdFreeShows.com.