WWE lied to superstars about being on the block for release

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WWE lied to superstars about being on the block for release

The most sensational news of the last 24 hours was undoubtedly the one that saw WWE go to release ten of its main roster Superstars, with the future of these wrestlers hanging in the balance for some time and with none of them being managed to achieve anything on a creative level, on the television screens of the federation, at least in the last period.

Among the many wrestlers that have been mowed down by the WWE, there are also important names such as Samoa Joe, Bray Wyatt's younger brother, Bo Dallas, or the company's former world champion, Mickie James. Like a bolt from the blue, the call of the returning John Laurinaitis arrived, to whom the h*t potato was left, or to formalize the release of these talents by telephone.

WWE released ten Superstars from their contracts

Apparently, this time the WWE may have made it really dirty, as reported by our overseas counterparts, with the reporters of the well-known site Fightful, who in the latest edition of their podcast, the Fightful Select, wanted to reveal how the management of the McMahon federation shamelessly lied to athletes who asked about their future in the federation rings, reassuring them that nothing would happen to them, only to then fire them.

According to what is reported in the well-known podcast, in fact: "Several people who have been protagonists of the cuts had recently asked what would become of them and if they were part of the block of athletes released, but the managers would have denied everything, reassuring everyone, only to then cut them."

According to a phrase leaked by the company, this is a reminder to all insiders, which reminds everyone, including wrestlers, that WWE is a company and not a big family. With these eloquent words, one of the most famous overseas podcasts in the field of web wrestling has thus closed.

Although the lack of willful misconduct by WWE is there for all to see, there is still a slice of the public that is still quite upset about these cuts, especially after becoming aware of this news, with releases that could have taken place anyway, but without being teased first.

“Multiple people among the cuts,” asked about whether they would be released, and they were told that they would be fine. That turned out to not be the case at all. Another wrestler reportedly summed it up by saying, “it’s just an annual reminder that this is a company, not a family”.

We’ll have to see if WWE releases any more Superstars this week. As we previously reported, the NXT brand is expected to see some releases sometime today.