What's next for Samoa Joe?

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What's next for Samoa Joe?

The most sensational name in the list of releases made by the WWE during the course of yesterday evening, was undoubtedly that of Samoa Joe, former TNA world champion, who in WWE managed to get very little satisfaction in the rings, if not for two NXT titles and two US champion titles.

Among the ten athletes who have been sacked overnight by the McMahons for now, Samoa Joe was certainly the most famous and the one on which WWE pushed the most for a period of time, only to lose hope for his push. , due to several weaknesses of his character, such as the lack of high esteem on the part of the Chairman for his work or the continuous injuries that forced him to sit still for several months.

In the last period, in fact, Samoa Joe had been relegated to a commentator role, with his engagement in the rings that it was thought could return to life soon.

WWE shockingly cuts Samoa Joe

Now, there are rumors that Samoa Joe could soon appear already in a new company, which would certainly welcome him with open arms, given his incredible skills.

However, according to what was revealed by the well-known site Fightful, in the usual daily podcast of the web page, it would seem that Samoa Joe has not been declared able to return to work in the ring by the doctors of the WWE, a sign that there could still be some problems for the wrestler, who could therefore not return to the ring at the moment.

As reported in the Fightful Select, in fact: "Samoa Joe had expressed a desire to return to wrestling some time ago, but he was not declared skilled by the WWE." According to the doctors of the WWE medical staff, therefore, Samoa Joe would not have been declared able to enter the ring a few weeks ago.

At this point, it is not known whether Joe will soon be able to return to full capacity, returning to tread some other squares around the world or if the physical problems of the Samoan Submission Machine are more serious than expected and it will therefore take a long time before being able to see it in action.

The Samoan Bulldozer could go anywhere and become an asset. Joe has repeatedly proven that he brings value in any promotion he steps foot in. The man helped put TNA on the map. Joe could go back to IMPACT. But he currently has many friends in AEW.

At this stage in Samoa Joe's career, he deserves the spotlight. Going to AEW puts him back on a popular televised product with the option to cross-work in IMPACT Wrestling.