*Spoiler* Roman Reigns' unexpected challenger

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*Spoiler* Roman Reigns' unexpected challenger

As we amply had the opportunity to see during the main event of the whole show dedicated to Wrestlemania, where Roman Reigns went to destroy both his opponents, Daniel Bryan and Edge, the WWE Universal Champion remained precisely the Tribal Chief of Smackdown, with the federation now having to build a new feud for its blue show champion, after archiving the two chapters of Wrestlemania 37.

While many thought Edge or Daniel Bryan would immediately step out to claim a titled match yet again, another script was staged at Smackdown, with a brand new wrestler who almost never made it to the lap that matters, who may have finally made the big leap that was missing from his WWE career.

We are talking about the Swiss Cesaro.

Cesaro stepped up to Roman Reigns on WWE SmackDown

Immediately after the classic opening segment held by the Tribal Chef Roman Reigns and his gang, formed by Paul Heyman and Jey Uso, in Smackdown, Cesaro took care of the stage, who after having squared the Universal champion from head to toe for several seconds, he stepped into the ring and clamoured for a match against Roman Reigns, as the Swiss comes fresh the winner from a huge match at Wrestlemania, against WWE Messiah Seth Rollins.

Immediately after the advertising break, Cesaro confirmed that he also wants a match not valid for the title, against Reigns but apparently, in the main event of the blue show, the only match that the Swiss managed to have was the one against Jey Uso, the champion's younger cousin.

To intervene in the dispute, he saw fit to get to a certain point also Seth Rollins, who attacking Cesaro, then made the former US WWE champion win by disqualification, with Rollins who then began to scream that the story between the two of them it's not over.

Apparently, the match against Roman Reigns valid for the Smackdown Universal title can wait, because before being able to focus on the Tribal Chief of the blue show, Cesaro has to close the accounts with Seth Rollins, who apparently is even more aggressive than ever.

Cesaro also picked up one of his career-best victories against Seth Rollins on The Show of Shows. Now he's aiming straight towards the top championship. But during SmackDown, Reigns disrespected Cesaro and left the ring without saying a word.

Over the course of the night, WWE built a premise around a potential match between Reigns and Cesaro. Paul Heyman informed everyone that Cesaro would get an opportunity, but not against The Head of the Table. Instead, Jey Uso was booked in the main event contest against Cesaro.