Kevin Dunn kept Billie Kay in WWE

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Kevin Dunn kept Billie Kay in WWE

Over the course of Thursday evening, WWE went as always with a bolt from the blue to cut important athletes from its roster, sacking 10 Superstars among the most famous groups of athletes in its federation, with characters such as Samoa Joe, Bo Dallas, Billie Kay and many others, who in fact had to leave the WWE buggy overnight.

Initially, the WWE had only made official the names of a very few female wrestlers, such as Mickie James, Billie Kay and Chelsea Green, with the list being hand-stretched, also incorporating Mojo Rawley, Samoa Joe, Tucker and several other colleagues.

including Bo Dallas, who had been used just a few days earlier by WWE, to test the Wrestlemania 37 setups, in view of the federation's most important weekend of the year. WWE released ten Superstars from their contracts yesterday.

There were a few surprising names on that list including Billie Kay. A lot of it boiled down to Kevin Dunn not getting her.

Kevin Dunn kept Billie Kay in WWE

According to what was revealed by the usual Fightful Select journalists, it would seem that behind the dismissal of Billie Kay, there was a very high executive of the federation, namely Kevin Dunn, Executive Vice President of WWE for years, who would never have appreciated the comedy and above all the character of Kay, asking Vince McMahon to include her among the athletes to be removed from the roster.

Although Billie Kay was literally loved by the whole backstage, including prominent former WWE champions, such as Alexa Bliss, who wanted to release a heartfelt message to the now-former colleague, wishing her the best for the future, Dunn and McMahon preferred to remove her from her role on the federation screens.

Even a large portion of the public had begun to acclaim Kay's performances, especially in that comedy sector which in the last period has struggled a bit to emerge among the various segments aired. Unfortunately, very often the management of the Stamford federation does not get along well with its athletes, nor with its fans, with some choices that come overnight and on which you can only make the call, with the weather.

Billie Kay was loved in the WWE locker room. Kayla Braxton dropped a heartfelt tweet about how much she will miss having her around. Alexa Bliss even commented to agree with Braxton about how much Kay will be missed. That didn’t change Kevin Dunn’s opinion.

We’ll have to see what Billie Kay does after WWE, but she made a very good impression with everyone she worked with, in the company. It’s unfortunate that she didn’t seem to click with one very important man who mattered.