*Spoiler* Seth Rollins issues statement after SmackDown

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*Spoiler* Seth Rollins issues statement after SmackDown

The last episode of Friday Night SmackDown ended in a pretty surprising way. It was the first episode of the blue show after Wrestlemania 37 and Cesaro literally declared war on WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Before a possible feud with these Adam Pearce announced that the Main Event would be a challenge between the Swiss Cyborg and Jey Uso, cousin and adept of the WWE Tribal Chief.

As happened in recent times for all the opponents of the WWE Universal Champion also The King of Swing before challenging the champion had to go through the challenge against Jey Uso. Precisely during this match, the Main Event of the evening, there was a hard attack on Cesaro by Seth Rollins who hit the strong and technical wrestler hard and made him understand that nothing is over.

On this week's episode of WWE SmackDown, Cesaro was attacked during his match against Jey Uso in the main event by Seth Rollins. The Swiss Superman defeated Rollins on Night One of WrestleMania 37 in spectacular fashion but it seems like The Messiah isn't done with him.

Will Seth Rollins continue being a thorn in Cesaro's side?

After his return to SmackDown after weeks of absence caused by paternity leave, the WWE Messiah embarked on a feud with Cesaro that led them to a challenge at Wrestlemania 37.

The two gave birth to a great match and in the end, it was Cesaro who prevailed. At SmackDown the wrestler looked ready now for a feud against Roman Reigns, but Seth Rollins didn't feel the same way and carried out this tough attack on his rival.

After the match, Seth Rollins returned backstage in awe continuing to ring insults towards his opponent. All this suggests consequently that the two will have a very soon rematch of what happened in the show of the Immortals, probably in the next WWE Pay per View, that of Wrestlemania Backlash.

Through his social networks, Seth Rollins has again 'shouted war' at his opponent and hinted that there will still be much to say in their feud. On this week's episode of the Blue show, Cesaro came out to confront WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns after the latter bragged about pinning Edge and Daniel Bryan at the same time to retain his title in the main event of WrestleMania 37 Night Two.

However, Reigns was not in the mood to acknowledge Cesaro, and he along with Paul Heyman and Uso walked out of the ring. Later, an irate Heyman announced that The King of Swing will be facing Uso in the ring after what initially seemed like that we would be getting Cesaro vs. Roman Reigns on SmackDown.