Sin Cara explains the difference between WWE and NXT

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Sin Cara explains the difference between WWE and NXT

Sin Cara returned to Mexico in AAA under the name of Myzteziz. On 12 October 2014, in Héroes Inmortales VIII, he faced La Parka, Blue Demon Jr., Australian Suicide, Daga, El Zorro, Fénix and Pentagón Jr.

in a Lumberjack match, eliminating the latter last and thus winning the Copa Antonio Peña. On 24 May 2015, he was part of the Dream Team, led by Alberto El Patrón and also composed of Rey Mysterio, winning the tournament that would have awarded the Lucha Libre World Cup.

On 9 August 2015, TripleMania XXIII was defeated by Rey Mysterio where, during the match, he makes a Turn Heel attacking Mysterio and challenging him in a Mask vs Mask match (never materialized). He unexpectedly returns to a CMLL show announcing his return to the federation initially with the ring name of Mistic 2.0, which he changed to Caristico.

This is because, during Alvirde's stay in WWE and AAA, the Monk gimmick was assigned to the fighter formerly known as Dragon Lee (Monk II or Monk the new era). Former WWE Superstar Sin Cara has highlighted the differences between working for Triple H in NXT and Vince McMahon on RAW and SmackDown.

Sin Cara on his tag team with Kalisto

“I think since NXT is in a sense a little smaller, you have a little more communication in things that you really wanna do for NXT. Obviously, with WWE, there’s this crazy machine going all over the place.

Television, there’s one thing, another agent tells you another thing, so you’ve gotta connect all the little dots at the same time. In NXT, it’s a little more closer relationships, so you’re able to tell what you feel or what you wanna do in a match.

Things like that. That’s the main difference" - Sin Cara explained. Sin Cara’s only title reign as a WWE Superstar came during his alliance with Kalisto in NXT. According to Sin Cara, The Lucha Dragons tag team was only created in order to build Kalisto.

“I’m gonna be honest with you, they brought me down because they wanted to build Kalisto up. It wasn’t because they really wanted to give me an opportunity. They didn’t want to give Sin Cara an opportunity.

It was to build Kalisto. I didn’t really know Kalisto when I first got there but then we became really good friends”. WWE announced the release of 10 Superstars this week, including Kalisto. Sin Cara tweeted his former tag team partner a “welcome back” message after finding out the news.