WWE's plans for SummerSlam 2021 revealed

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WWE's plans for SummerSlam 2021 revealed

After one of the Wrestlemania Weeks that we will surely remember for longer than the others, for the climate that WWE Universe fans have breathed after more than a year of devastating pandemic, which forced WWE to oust all its beloved audience from all weekly and monthly shows of the federation, the McMahon-owned federation has returned to think about the future and not the present.

With two post-Wrestlemania episodes that have left the fans a little upset, given that until last year the surprises and twists were all dedicated to the post-WM Raw and the post-WM Smackdown, this year the two episodes haven't said to have convinced the fans, with the most important feuds set up by the McMahons, that apparently have said to have been a bit "parked" in view of Backlash, or rather Wrestlemania Backlash, the next PPV to be broadcast in the ThunderDome of the federation, on May 16th.

According to Sports Illustrated (via Cageside Seats), WWE's current plans for SummerSlam 2021 is to hold the pay-per-view in front of a live crowd. If for Wrestlemania 37 the WWE has managed to do things really big, that is to host more than 25,000 people in each evening dedicated to the Showcase of the Immortals, for the remaining weekly shows that are broadcast as always from the ThunderDome of the company, for the moment, there will be no entry, at least not physically, only with a digital presence.

WWE's plans for SummerSlam 2021 revealed

According to what has been confirmed by colleagues from Sports Illustrated, WWE is already working to bring the audience back to life even in one of the federation's next most important shows, or rather the most important event held annually after Wrestlemania: SummerSlam.

In the summer PPV that is counted as one of the Big Four events of the Stamford-based company, there will be 100% live audiences, with colleagues from the well-known overseas site who have in fact revealed: "Following last weekend's success of Wrestlemania, which aired in front of audiences from Tampa's Raymond James Stadium, WWE will return to use the ThunderDome on Monday, working with virtual audiences only.

Some sources inside WWE have confirmed to Sports Illustrated that the plan is to keep Summerslam in front of a live audience." At the moment, it is not known when WWE will be back on the road also for the weekly shows, opening its Raws.

and Smackdown also to the flesh and blood public, as anticipated by WWE co-president Nick Khan a few weeks ago, the thing that is almost certain, however, is that WWE will hold its next biggest event of the year ahead of a real audience, in a weekend that will be as memorable as the one that aired just a few days ago.