Ric Flair thinks Triller are taking inspiration from WWE

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Ric Flair thinks Triller are taking inspiration from WWE

In the world of entertainment, it is not a difficult thing to find, the one that sees different characters from TV or cinema go and copy some other colleague, both from the comic and the purely entertaining aspect. Even throughout the history of wrestling, several characters from the McMahon rings have voluntarily or unwittingly copied their colleagues, repeating actions, moves, promos or other things, in front of the television screens of the various shows, with a circle that according to some constantly repeats itself every 7-8 years.

In fact, many have found several similarities between the past storylines of Daniel Bryan and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, or even between the WWE Rattlesnake and the Canadian Kevin Owens, who now also uses the finisher par excellence of the company's Hall of Famer.

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair will be a part of the grand affair that the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren match is all set to be.

Ric Flair discusses Logan Paul's WrestleMania appearance

In his last speech to the microphones of MMA Junkie, the two-time WWE Hall of Famer argued his thoughts about the shows broadcast by the mixed martial arts company: Thriller Fight Club, an emerging MMA federation.

Pressed by the journalist about what was planned by this company, Ric Flair wanted to say: "They took everything from Vince McMahon. They all got from WWE. In the NBA, baseball, football, their income is getting bigger and bigger.

All-Star games are bigger. The Super Bowl just got bigger, but it all started with Wrestlemania." Apparently, according to Charlotte Flair's father, all the major fan entertainment companies around the world, be they sports or film or martial arts companies, would have stolen several ideas from WWE and its Wrestlemania.

According to Ric Flair, even the Triller Fight Club, which tonight will air its special show with the flagship match that is Jake Paul vs Ben Askren, should it have great success, according to the Nature Boy will have copied from the WWE, because you know, when for years we always say the same things in the rings of the number one federation in the world, in the end, we end up really believing it.

Ric Flair seemed to enjoy his role at the Show of Shows, stating: "It was great! I don't think people understand - every time you have the opportunity to be associated with WrestleMania, the WWE brand, I don't care how big they think they are, they just got bigger.

Logan Paul just got a lot bigger after WrestleMania. Because it's just global, it's iconic, it's been around forever, and they don't spare one dime. As a matter of fact, they go the extra mile to provide the entertainment and the wrestlers."