Possible reason Samoa Joe was let go by WWE

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Possible reason Samoa Joe was let go by WWE

Probably the most important name to be released by WWE on Thursday, "Black Thursday", as it has already been rebranded overseas, is that of Samoa Joe, former NXT all-time champion and US main roster champion, with the wrestler of Samoan origins who was first entrusted to the commentary table of Monday Night Raw and then permanently ousted from the company.

Although the athlete has not seen himself in the ring for some time, in the last period, the same wrestler would have asked in a loud voice to the company of the McMahons to be able to return to action on the square, however not finding the approval of the medical staff, the which would not have considered him able to return to fight, for obvious physical impediments.

Will Samoa Joe join AEW?

One of the main problems that WWE released people find in their path once they leave the McMahon rings, is usually that of having to change their name, as happened to all the various Rusevs, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins and many others, who before to be able to land in the rings of AEW or Impact Wrestling, they had to change their ring-name, since WWE holds almost all the names of its wrestlers.

In this case, however, Samoa Joe is lucky, because long before the wrestler landed on the WWE rings, he already had the rights to his name, such as CM Punk, AJ Styles and very few other athletes of the company, present and past.

. As reported by the well-known site Heel By Nature, Joe should keep his name and in fact: "Samoa Joe: Seanoa, Nuufolau Joel (real name of Samoa Joe) owns the rights to his ring-name under a disparate number of different classifications.

He will therefore be able to use his name in the future as well." Wherever he goes to work, therefore, Samoa Joe will remain for the whole world Samoa Joe, that Samoan Submission Machine that pro-wrestling fans had begun to know since his debut.

in the TNA rings, now several years ago. Samoa Joe made his main roster debut on an episode of RAW in January 2017. During his time on the main roster, Samoa Joe won the United States Championship twice. However, he hasn't wrestled for WWE in over a year and was part of the commentary team for Monday Night RAW and PPVs. Speaking to Sportskeeda's Rick Ucchino, Samoa Joe discussed his experience of working as a commentator for WWE.