WWE changed Raw plans due to shorthanded roster after...

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WWE changed Raw plans due to shorthanded roster after...

On 12th April, last Monday night, WWE aired one of the most important Monday Night Raw episodes of the year, that post-Mania Raw that fans have been waiting for all year, just like the Showcase of the Immortals or so many times.

even more than the show of the shows. Over the years, in fact, WWE has accustomed its fans to surprises and truly sensational twists just 24 hours from the Grandaddy of Them All, such as the proceeds of Money in the Bank, the return of great Superstars like Brock Lesnar or the arrival on the main roster of several great protagonists of the NXT rings.

This year, however, it would not have gone quite like WWE and above all its fans would have wanted, with an episode of the post-WrestleMania red show that was definitely below expectations, which gave very few emotions and very few surprises, if not the great return of Charlotte Flair complete with a masterful promo or the return of the Viking Raiders.

WWE changed Raw plans due to shorthanded roster

According to what our colleagues from overseas reported, to the microphones of the Fightful Select, it would seem, however, that this time the WWE had few faults in the airing of the red show (Raw) a little limping, due to the huge defections that the red roster would have had.

immediately after the Showcase of the Immortals. According to the journalists of the well-known podcast that comes from the other side of the world, in fact, WWE would have had to cope with several absences on-screen, with several characters who would have in fact been kept out for suspected covid contagions and many other Superstars, the which ones would be injured instead.

Apparently, even the opening match between Riddle and WWE champion Bobby Lashley was said to have been put on at the last second, because by now the champion no longer had credible opponents to face, given that the rest of the roster was engaged in their respective storylines.

. If we add to all this the various defections that arrived on Thursday, due to the layoffs perpetrated by the WWE, with these athletes who had been stopped by the federation already during the Wrestlemania weekend, we become aware of a decidedly not easy situation, which WWE had to deal with in one of the most important and delicate periods of the year, immediately behind Wrestlemania 37.

One notable change was Matt Riddle and Bobby Lashley. They were not originally slated to have a match. That was penciled in because WWE didn’t have anyone else for the role. There were also a few people who were out of action due to precautionary reasons associated with the COVID-19 protocol.

It wasn’t noted who was out for those reasons. WWE was short-handed, but they did what they could with who they had available.