WWE told certain superstars not to show up at WrestleMania

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WWE told certain superstars not to show up at WrestleMania

While WWE kept the fires who arrived on Thursday, early afternoon in the United States secret, some of the federation's wrestlers would still have big clues as to what their future would be after WrestleMania 37. If initially, the Stamford company had reassured all those fighters who were asking for enlightenment about their future in the McMahon rings, with the management that went so shamelessly to lie to the demands of their employees, ensuring that there would be no release, already from the weekend of Wrestlemania, someone could understand how their future would certainly not continue on the square of the WWE ThunderDome.

Bo Dallas, in fact, was only used by the WWE at the weekend of Wrestlemania 37, to test and try all the equipment of the crew, before the Showcase of The Immortals was staged, while the other athletes, were not invited by the WWE to attend, let alone be used by the company.

WrestleMania 37 is in the rearview mirror now

The revelation that makes the moral situation of the WWE fall even lower, comes as always from the usual Fightful Select, a very important overseas podcast, whose journalists have declared in the very first bars of its last episode the following: "Several of the talents who were involved in the releases last weekend weren't at WrestleMania, including Chelsea Green and Mojo Rawley.

We have been told and confirmed that WWE has specifically requested such people not to be present unless requested, to simplify and streamline things." Apparently, WWE had already planned to carry out such events well before the Wrestlemania weekend.

cuts, with the removal of Samoa Joe from the commentary table being a clear signal of what was going to happen, but the more optimistic fans were hoping instead for a return to the ring of the Samoan Submission Machine, which will not happen again, if not in the other federation.

Once again, WWE proves to be an unscrupulous company, which obviously, like all large multinationals, puts the profit and well-being of business before the image and well-being of all its employees. On the second night of WWE WrestleMania 37, the triple threat Universal Championship contest between Edge, Roman Reigns, and Daniel Bryan ended the show.

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE fans in attendance seemed relatively more interested in this match compared to night one's main event. The triple threat bout ended up being a critically-acclaimed affair, as Reigns retained his championship at the end of night two.