Chris Jericho being compared to The Undertaker

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Chris Jericho being compared to The Undertaker

Chris Jericho and The Undertaker have both had iconic careers in the professional wrestling business. Their names will always remain inextricably linked to WWE, the company that allowed them to make themselves known to the general public and to obtain numerous awards.

The 'Deadman' officially retired from the scene last year at the Survivor Series, not before receiving an emotional tribute where it all began nearly 30 years ago. Y2J has instead left the federation of Vince McMahon for some years now, having married the project of the newborn All Elite Wrestling, of which it has quickly become one of the brightest symbols.

The former WWE world champion has never hidden that he behaves like a leader in the locker room, but he has specified that he does not want to be defined as such by the insiders. In the latest edition of the 'Broken Skull Sessions' show hosted by 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, the Canadian phenomenon stated that he is doing his best to help young talent grow.

Chris Jericho being compared to The Undertaker

"You shouldn't take anything for granted, this is the concept I learned during my years in wrestling" - explained Chris Jericho. "The Undertaker has never explicitly said that he is the leader of the locker room, so I don't want to say that either" - he added.

Despite having thrown several digs at WWE in the past, Chris was pleasantly surprised by the latest edition of WrestleMania. "I loved seeing people in the arena again, it was fantastic. Wrestling is still a show, so without the audience, it loses a lot of its potential.

I also loved the appearance of Bad Bunny, I thought it was a truly exceptional idea. They put a lot of effort into setting up this edition of WrestleMania, credit for their work. The main event was also fun, there are so many things that stunned the fans during the match.

WWE has achieved what might have been expected from a company of that caliber." The Undertaker has been known to be the locker room leader in WWE for a long time. He was well-respected backstage and had a pull that no other superstar did.

One of the reasons, The Undertaker was respected by his peers was because of his experience in the business. Similarly, Chris Jericho is the most experienced superstar on the AEW roster and, naturally, all the other superstars will look up to him for guidance.

Jericho was instrumental in the formation of AEW and it would not have reached the level of success that it has if it wasn't for the leader of The Inner Circle.