Stone Cold Speaks About His Feud With Bret Hart

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Stone Cold Speaks About His Feud With Bret Hart

Before fighting Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13, Stone Cold was a mid-card talent. Before joining WWE he used to work for WCW. Even back in WCW, Stone Cold was a mid-card guy, although he fought some big WCW stars of that time, including Sting.

Stone Cold spoke about his feud with Bret Hart on his own podcast called The Broken Skulls Sessions. Chris Jericho was his guest at the time. According to him, it was his feud with Bret Hart that pushed him into Stardom. Stone Cold got his match with Bret Hart after he won the King of The Ring tournament before WrestleMania 13.

Stone Cold Talks About His Iconic Match With Bret Hart

“It was really interesting because Bret had seen me coming in WCW as he always says, and I’ve been an admirer of Bret Hart’s work,” Austin said.

“I was big into Hart Foundation. He and Anvil (Jim Neidhart), I loved them as a tag team. I’ve been watching Bret for a long time because got to Vince [McMahon] before I did, and I remember he was going to do a surgery to get his hip cleaned up.

And he needed an opponent for Survivor Series, and he told Vince, ‘Hey, I can make money with this guy,’ and I get a phone call from Bret. He wants to work with me, and so he hand-picked me to come back from his surgery.

“And we would go out there, and it’s an old-school match. It’s a kind of classic pro-wrestling style. We went out there and just turned in an instant classic, and Bret was coming back. And if you go back, and you watch that match and you watch the finish with that gimmick roll-up off a Million Dollar Dream, then as I roll out, because he’s outsmarted me, if you watch his face and it’s a shoot, he mouths ‘f**k because he’s dead-dog tired.

And he was blown up because he’d been at the house healing up, and it was that grueling of a match. Stone Cold’s match with Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13 was one of his best-ever according to various wrestling personalities.

He acknowledged that without that match, he could never be what he is right now. “That match at WrestleMania 13 in Chicago, Rosemont, Bret Hart put me on the map,” Austin admitted. “He made Stone Cold Steve Austin, and I had to do a lot myself obviously, but that’s how important Bret Hart was to my career”.