Stephanie McMahon Speaks About Vince McMahon’s Work Ethic

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Stephanie McMahon Speaks About Vince McMahon’s Work Ethic

Even after so many years, Vince McMahon still controls everything that happens within WWE. Stephanie McMahon, WWE Chief Brand Officer, spoke about Vince McMahon on The Bill Simmons Podcast. According to her, Vince hasn’t slowed down even during the pandemic.

Simmons thought that Vince wasn’t travelling at all during the pandemic.

Stephanie McMahon Speaks About Vince McMahon and Some Rumors

“He wasn’t trapped. He continued to travel every week,” Stephanie noted.

“We never stopped producing television. So every week, live, he would fly down to Orlando and produce the shows from the Performance Center. He never stopped. I think he’d go crazy [sitting at home], crazier”.

Stephanie then spoke about how different Vince McMahon is these days as he used to be very active during the 90’s. “He’s grown a lot, I think, as a person. A lot of things are still the same, and he still trains at midnight after he’s finished working, if he’s done working at that time,” Stephanie said.

“He still just drives forward no matter what. He is totally inappropriate most of the time. He’s the best, and he’s always been an amazing father. “It’s funny because I call him ‘Vince’ in business but ‘dad’ at home, and when I’m doing interviews, it’s sometimes awkward to transition that way, but it’s helpful because there is Vince, my boss, and there is my dad.

They are different, but I think he’s really himself just a little more seasoned, a little older. He would say he looks a little bit different, which of course he does, but he’s still the same Vince”. Stephanie then spoke about some of the various rumors about Vince McMahon.

She stated that some of them were true, whereas others were not. She started by saying that Vince actually hates nodding. “It’s true because he feels like it influences the room,” Stephanie McMahon revealed.

“If someone’s talking and someone starts nodding, you’re going to influence the room one way or the other. You shouldn’t influence the room. Let people think what they want to think. He hates sneezing because it’s involuntary, and he cannot control it.

He hates sneezing. I think it’s really anyone [sneezing] but especially when it’s him. He really is so clean [with his diet]. He will get into some junk. Back in the ’80s, he used to love — this is gross. This is just nasty.

He would eat Oreos with squeezed cheese, that easy cheese that came out of a can. Cheese in a can just sounds bad anyway, and he would put that on Oreo cookies and eat a bag of it”.