Corey Graves Speaks About WrestleMania 37 Night One

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Corey Graves Speaks About WrestleMania 37 Night One

Corey Graves is a very popular WWE personality, and he spoke about WrestleMania 37. WrestleMania 37 night one was the first WrestleMania after the pandemic started that featured live fans. Ever since the pandemic started, WWE either hosted shows in empty arenas or had virtual fans present.

Corey Graves stated that WrestleMania 37 night one was special but night two was just like any other regular WrestleMania event.

Corey Graves on WrestleMania 37 Night One With Fans

“Night one was so significant and emotional because it was the first,” Graves said.

“You never replicate your first, it was the first time in a year, a month and a day that we got to have fans that are the lifeblood of what we do. They weren’t cheering for Vic Joseph, they weren’t cheering for Corey Graves, they weren’t even cheering for Randy Orton or Carmella or whoever else, they were cheering for WWE and for normalcy and for WrestleMania.

That to me was bigger than the biggest spectacle in live entertainment, that to me was on a human being level significant. I had genuine emotion, I had a lump in my throat, I was choking back tears, chewing on my cheeks standing on the stage just going man, we’re back.

That to me was why night one was more significant." Corey Graves also added, “From an objective perspective, night two to me felt more like WrestleMania. Night two to me start to finish felt like okay this is what I’ve become accustomed to, this is what I grew up watching.

A great three-hour exciting spectacle, the pyro, the fireworks, all the bells and whistles. Everything went to perfection on Sunday night and it felt cleaner and better but I don’t think anyone is going to forget night one for a litany of reasons”.

WWE is one of the only wrestling promotions in the world that is still doing well, even though they cannot do live shows or have fans attend the events live. Even though vaccinations have started in the US, it will still take a long time for things to return to normal.

AEW, Impact Wrestling, and WWE are still taping shows inside mostly empty arenas and haven’t reported any significant virus outbreaks that could impact their shows yet.