Chelsea Green outlines exciting plans for the near future

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Chelsea Green outlines exciting plans for the near future

April 15, 2021, was an important day for the wrestling world with WWE which, for the second consecutive year, announced important cuts among wrestlers and all professionals in general. Even Vince McMahon's company, despite an important profit in recent months, has suffered from the Pandemic with the WWE which was forced to give up shows with the presence of the public or shows outside the continent.

Several wrestlers have been cut, among them, the most important names are Samoa Joe, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay and also Chelsea Green. Vince McMahon's company had interesting plans for Green, but just in late 2020, on the day of her entry into the main roster, Chelsea Green suffered a serious injury that forced her into the pits.

This is probably one of the main reasons for WWE's release of her.

Chelsea Green's heartfelt message following her WWE release

In an interview with Fightful Select's Sean Ross, Chelsea Green revealed some of her plans for the future.

Here are her words specifically: "I think I'll start doing things like a YouTube channel or a new podcast again. I took care of YouTube during the Pandemic and had a lot of fun, I need to educate myself a little about editing and I need to start enjoying this world more.

I will also have a new podcast up and running soon, and I can't wait to throw myself headlong. Also last year I was offered a role in a film in Canada that was interrupted due to the Pandemic, so now I can start over and since I couldn't do it before due to my wrestling job I can now give my availability to participate.

I'm 100% ready and now nothing can stop me." Despite her release, Chelsea Green was one of the first to post messages of thanks to WWE for giving her the chance to enter this world and do wrestling. Green's future goals are not well known and from these words, we do not know if and when she will return to the world of wrestling.

Chelsea Green is one of the most talented females in professional wrestling. Unfortunately, injury setbacks and a lot more kept her from showcasing her true potential in WWE. Despite her lack of success with the company, she still has many memories there and shared a heartfelt message to the WWE Universe and the locker room following her release.

Chelsea Green wouldn't be the first person to leave WWE and start a YouTube channel or podcast. It will be interesting to see what creative areas she gets into.