The Undertaker defends WWE's current medical protocols

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The Undertaker defends WWE's current medical protocols

The Undertaker told without filters, starting from the most negative moment of his career and in general of his professional life: the defeat of WrestleMania XXX against Brock Lesnar and the end of the Streak. This was the focus of the first episode of "Undertaker The Last Ride", a docu-series focused on the Deadman and aired on the WWE Network just after the conclusion of Money in The Bank.

And that gave us the confirmation of what had already been clear for years, but without the trappings of (so to speak) "officialdom": during the violent clash with The Beast Incarnate, Taker was hurt. Very bad. Enough to scare those around him, and even raise some doubts as to whether WWE actually wanted that match to end that way.

During "The Greatest Fear", the episode in the question of "Undertaker The Last Ride", the Phenom tells of the concussion suffered in the middle of the match: "To be honest, I don't know exactly when I suffered the concussion.

I don't even know how that match actually went, I can't reconnect anything of what happened. My last memory of that day dates back to half-past three in the afternoon I think."

The Undertaker was seriously injured at WrestleMania XXX

This would explain several small details of that night: his completely dull gaze, Paul Heyman's over-excited reaction after the match ended, Brock Lesnar's music started a little late.

In the course of the documentary, it is even told of how the Undertaker fell to the ground once he returned backstage, leading Vince McMahon to tears and desperate for a doctor. Vince and the same Heyman and Lesnar spent the rest of the evening watching over a The Undertaker reduced to bed and did not witness the conclusion of WrestleMania XXX.

The story has been confirmed by Vince McMahon and WWE manager Larry Heck. Michelle McCool, the Digger's wife, added further details: "We went to the hospital and he was trying to cheat the nurses. They would ask him his name and he would turn to me asking 'What's my name now?' skull was so bad that he didn't remember his name, he didn't remember where we were, he didn't remember why we were in New Orleans.

He started remembering his name again at 4 am." The Undertaker has voiced his opinion in defence of WWE's current medical protocols, saying they are "night and day" compared to when he first began in the wrestling business.

In a recent appearance on the Victory Over Injury podcast, The Deadman was quizzed on his opinion of WWE's current management of athlete injuries. The Undertaker, who has sustained several serious injuries over the course of his career, couldn't have been more complimentary of the company's current system.

The former WWE Champion would go as far as to say he believes WWE are on the same level as other major sports brands in this regard.