Stone Cold Steve Austin on working with Shawn Michaels

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Stone Cold Steve Austin on working with Shawn Michaels

There are many stories of wrestlers complaining about Shawn Michaels' unprofessional behavior during the Attitude Era. Obviously, the Hall of Famer has then been forgiven over the years, but the bitterness of some colleagues towards him remains.

And among the historical moments of that period the memory of his feud in and out of the ring with Bret "Hitman" Hart, which led to the infamous Screwjob in Montreal, still remains indelible. The latest jab comes from none other than "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, who hailed him as the toughest opponent to work with, in WWE.

"Undertaker and I have always respected Shawn's athletic skills, his job, his crystal clear talent and what he managed to combine in the ring better than anyone else. As a fighter, he was damn good and had no equal, but from a human point of view, he was a disaster.

I couldn't stand it, in fact, frankly, I hated it," Steve Austin said.

Stone Cold Steve Austin on working with Shawn Michaels

We remind you that the Texas Rattlesnake and HBK were the protagonists of a long rivalry that culminated in WrestleMania 14 with the first title victory in Austin and the launch of him in the Olympus of wrestling.

Already in past interviews "Stone Cold" Steve Austin had been particularly embittered towards the actual success of the match, unfortunately, conditioned by Shawn Michaels' listlessness and by his numerous physical and mental problems.

Stone Cold Steve Austin also discussed Vince McMahon as a wrestler and stated that the WWE Chairman was clumsy in the ring but was a great showman. In a recent appearance on the Talk Is Jericho podcast, Stone Cold Steve Austin said that McMahon took his time in the ring and was over-the-top but was a genius as a worker.

The Texas Rattlesnake said that his chemistry with McMahon was incredible. "As an opponent, he was clumsy as hell, but he was such a showman. And for a guy without any experience in the ring, a guy who had only watched matches and given finishes to matches and told people how to do matches for years, he was amazing in the ring.

He always took his time. He was so over the top but made sense. He was the ultimate showman. And to be really honest, I mean, you're working with a guy that's been in the ring 8 or 9 years, he'd been in the ring, for what, two months? Mechanically, he's clumsy; but as a worker and a feel guy, a genius."