Booker T on what The Undertaker allowed him to do backstage in WWE

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Booker T on what The Undertaker allowed him to do backstage in WWE

´The Broken Skull Sessions´, the new WWE Network broadcast curated by Stone Cold Steve Austin, has mostly translated into a series of tasty behind-the-scenes morsels on The Undertaker and the times WWE has tried to make him uncomfortable or uncomfortable.

One of these concerns the historical and unfinished segment of the "Undertakeroonie", that is when in 2002, at the end of the recording of an episode of Raw, The Undertaker ordered Booker T to perform his classic Spinaroonie (the ballet with which he celebrated his victories or even just a particularly complex move that was successful).

And once he was satisfied, the five-time WCW champion invited his colleague to imitate him: doing the "Undertakeroonie"

Booker T reveals what The Undertaker allowed him to do backstage in WWE

The Digger (then in the guise of American Badass biker) refused, but it was too late: the Seattle audience was now in raptures and, just to add further embarrassment, first The Rock and then Triple H came out on stage to force him to do it (even going so far as to call him a "coward" if he refused).

And gradually Christian, Test and Vince McMahon himself joined the group (Goldust was already in the ring since the beginning of the segment). The Undertaker told the story and Booker T, in a separate video, reacted in a very amusing way to this memory.

Then he explained what happened: "The referee’s got the earpieces in and the referee tells me, ‘tell ‘Taker to do the Spinnaroonie’ So, I got to get the microphone and just act a fool. Of course, which I love doing anyway.

(And I say,) ‘the people wanna see an Undertakeroonie.’ And, [Undertaker] looks at me like, ‘oh, my God!’. He wanted to kill me." The multi-time world champion revealed that although he and The Undertaker were of a similar age and both came from Texas, he "looked at him a little bit differently" and gave The Phenom a lot of respect in the locker room.

Booker T also revealed that The Undertaker invited him to change in the TV locker room, which is where all the big-name Superstars of the WWE changed in. This is what Booker T had to say about it in his Hall of Fame podcast: "Taker was the first guy to invite me in the TV locker room where all the top guns would dress where there were only eight people in there.

He invited me. I didn’t take it upon myself to dress in the TV locker room. I made sure I dressed in the locker room with all the boys and there were probably 30 plus guys in there. He was gracious enough to see something in me as well.

I thought that was pretty cool. But to watch him the way he came up and the way he did it, not just with one guy or two guys. The Undertaker did it with every guy on the roster."