The Undertaker recalls his WWE debut

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The Undertaker recalls his WWE debut

When we approach the Survivor Series it is almost inevitable to talk about The Undertaker, one of the most iconic fighters of all time to have made his debut in this legendary WWE event. And the one who holds that ringname, Mark Calaway, has decided to tell the story of his approach to those days in a hilarious, unmissable chat with his friend and former arch-rival Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The two Texan wrestlers will in fact be the guests of the first episode of ´Broken Skull Sessions´, the show curated by Stone Cold which is about to start on the WWE Network.

The Undertaker on his WWE debut

And on this occasion, The Undertaker, completely deprived of his stage clothes, tells himself in what more than an interview looks like a real bar conversation between two old friends (so much so that Taker doesn't even speak with the cavernous voice with which we are used to hearing it for decades, but with its normal tone which as you will hear is very different).

Well, the good Mark said he was terrified in the days before his debut by the presence in the WWE shows (or rather WWF, as the company of Vince McMahon was then called) of a giant egg. "So, this egg appears during the show, okay? I was trying to work on my look, grow my hair to look special and things like that.

And all of a sudden the wheels of my brain come on. in motion - said this very interesting Undertaker completely out of character, between a laugh and another-. Oh my goodness, they will put me in, they will put me in the egg.

It was what I thought, at the time the gimmicks were often also extravagant up to this level. So I thought I would become the Egg Man, I was convinced of it. I was so sure it made me sick to my stomach." As we know then this was not the case: on that occasion, The Gobbledy Gooker came out of the fateful egg, while the Undertaker also debuted on the same show.

From Eggman to Deadman the step is certainly important, but this was not the only risk taken at that time by the wrestler who later became immortal: as already revealed in the past, in fact, he could also have become not a minister of the night, but even a Viking.

Unbeknownst to fans in the stadium, The Undertaker suffered a severe concussion at WrestleMania XXX against Brock Lesnar. Once the streak had been broken, The Deadman was rushed to hospital. During his appearance on the Victory Over Injury podcast, he recalled being unable to remember his name and struggling with headaches and bright lights for weeks after the event. To this day, The Undertaker says he is unable to pinpoint the exact moment he suffered the concussion.