WWE wanted to make a released superstar Charlotte Flair's protege

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WWE wanted to make a released superstar Charlotte Flair's protege

In the long list of athletes released by the WWE last Thursday, there was also Chelsea Green, the girlfriend of the other ex-wrestler of the Stamford-based federation, Zack Ryder, later seen as Matt Cardona in the AEW rings.

After the success in the rings of Impact Wrestling, the girl had been hired by the WWE, who wanted her in its women's division and from which she had started as with all emerging careers, from NXT, alongside many other talented colleagues, as only in WWE there can be.

Due to bad luck and lack of ideas on the part of the company's management towards the beautiful Chelsea, she too has been included in the federation's list of releases this year, with the now former NXT athlete, who in the meantime she had also passed into the Smackdown rings, which will most likely join her husband in the All Elite Wrestling rings.

Chelsea Green and Charlotte Flair picked up the win that night, and Green felt that WWE legitimately had plans of making her Flair's protege. As revealed by Chelsea Green herself in her latest interview on the podcast Fightful Select, the McMahon company seemed to have intended, for a while, to combine the performances of multi-champion Charlotte Flair with those of Green, when Charlotte briefly juncture had returned to NXT, also doing a couple match with Green, against Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley, in May 2020.

Chelsea Green on Charlotte Flair being her WWE mentor

The former WWE athlete, in fact, revealed: "I was starting to have a great time in WWE. But in the end I haven't heard anything like that again. Funny enough, because when we finished our match, right at the end of it all, I clearly heard Charlotte say something.

As she raised my hand, she said something like 'She'll be next' or something like that, which left me thinking about a possible support for her, maybe with me becoming her protege. That's the right word right? Protege? Yes, OK.

Eventually I also heard such chatter over the next few weeks, many saying that I could become, if not the next Charlotte Flair, at least the one who was joined by her as her mentor, which was great anyway. I don't think I could ever get better commercials than that.

Eventually, radio silence all the time, until I heard about the next storyline I had to get into. I've heard of a lot of storylines that never happened." All that Chelsea Green got was radio silence, but she loved the idea of being Charlotte Flair's understudy on WWE programming.

"I was just kind of starting to get a little momentum. So, I didn't hear anything. Funny enough, when I was out there at the very end of the match, I heard Charlotte; Charlotte raised my hand and said something. Said something like, 'She is going to be next, or something along the line that made me think that I was going to be partnered with her or I was going to be her protege.

And then, is that the right word? protege? Yeah! And then I kind of heard rumblings of that in the weeks after that I was going to be, I don't want to say the next Charlotte, but coming up behind her, with her as my mentor, which is amazing.

Like, I don't know if you can get a better spot than that. And, then, kind of radio silence until the next storyline I heard about. I heard about a lot of storylines."