WWE veteran slams Randy Orton and Riddle's segment

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WWE veteran slams Randy Orton and Riddle's segment

A new episode of Monday Night Raw was staged tonight, the second after Wrestlemania 37 and which saw new and intriguing storylines coming to WWE. During the episode of the red show, a segment was broadcast that involved the Legend Killer Randy Orton and the talented wrestler Matt Riddle: the former NXT approached the more experienced colleague backstage and asked him (quite arrogant) if he was interested in forming a Tag Team called RK-Bro, Orton didn't like it at all and asked Officer Adam Pearce for a match to teach the boy a lesson.

Surprisingly, after a hard-fought match, it was The Original Bro who took advantage of an error by Orton and won a beautiful and precious victory.

What went down between Randy Orton and Riddle on WWE RAW

During the last edition of Legion of Raw, the former member of the Raw creative team Vince Russo commented on what happened to Raw declaring that he did not really appreciate this segment.

Here are the words of him specifically: "I remember very early on when I started working in the company, it was in 1995. There were certain things you could not change, such as the fact that a young novice has to respect a more experienced and confident wrestler could not mention the weight.

saying that these are fat. The fact that Randy Orton didn't even know Riddle's name is a consonant thing and tradition that WWE has carried for years. The logic is unbelievable yet Orton lost to a wrestler tonight whose name he didn't know, nor even his face.

Ok, congratulations." After the storyline that saw him engaged for several months on Monday Night Raw against Bray Wyatt The Fiend and which ended with his victory at Wrestlemania 37, Orton is looking for new opponents and maybe in the coming weeks, the WWE will relaunch a storyline between Randy Orton and Matt Riddle.

It would be a curious twist on the red show, but you have to really understand who will be in the case of the Babyface between Matt Riddle and Randy Orton. Riddle approached Randy Orton backstage on WWE RAW, wanting to form a tag team called RK-Bro.

Visibly annoyed, Orton walked off and later requested a match against Riddle. Riddle and The Viper faced off in singles action later on in the night. The duo went back and forth and Orton even yelled about the importance of respect while he had Riddle in a headlock. However, Riddle had the last laugh as he pinned Orton after a roll-up.