Batista on Possibly Never Returning to WWE

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Batista on Possibly Never Returning to WWE

Batista is a former WWE professional wrestler and he recently stated that he will probably never return to WWE. Batista is one of the most popular WWE stars of the past 2 decades. However, Batista, just like many other WWE superstars, left the world or professional wrestling after he became a full-time Hollywood star.

Since starting his professional acting career, Batista has not even appeared sporadically on WWE TV. His last match was against Triple H at WrestleMania. On Zack Snyder’s Justice Con, he made it clear that he has no plans to return.

He stated that many WWE stars say that they retire, but they actually do not retire. He stated that they always return if the pay is good.

Batista on Leaving The World Of Professional Wrestling for Good

“It’s hard to convince people that I’m actually retired,” Batista said.

“You have no idea how tough that discussion is. When professional wrestlers retire, they don’t really retire. They kind of retire. But, you know, when the paycheck’s big enough or the event’s big enough, they come out of retirement.

“It’s just not that way with me. I exited the business in such a storybook way, I’d never go back. I would never take away from that. I am just done, man. I really got to finish on my own terms and nothing is going to take away from that”.

Batista is a former member of the popular heel group called Evolution in WWE. His teammates were Triple H, Ric Flair and Randy Orton. Together, they defeated some of WWE’s top stars during the late and early 2000s. Batista wrestled as a solo wrestler after he left WWE and won many prestigious titles.

He also captured the World Heavyweight Title during his last full-time run in WWE. His last match took place at WrestleMania 35. He fought Triple H, but he lost the match. The match had a good build up. After the match, Batista announced his retirement on social media.

Since leaving WWE, Batista has appeared in various blockbuster films. His most noteworthy appearance was in the Avengers movies. He will also star in Army of the Dead, which is an upcoming movie. It will be Batista’s first major lead role. Batista also had a very small run as an MMA wrestler.