Former announcer believes Charlotte Flair has issues with WWE

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Former announcer believes Charlotte Flair has issues with WWE

The great absentee of Wrestlemania 37, in addition to The Man, Becky Lynch, was the athlete who was actually ready for the return, but who waited another 24 hours to reappear on those rings of Monday Night Raw, which they had seen the protagonist until a few weeks before, right next to the champion of the red show, Asuka.

We are obviously talking about the daughter of the two-time WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair, the Queen of WWE: Charlotte Fair, who reappeared in the rings of the McMahon company, in the post-Mania episode of the red show, going to attack both the new Raw champion, Rhea Ripley, who former titleholder, Asuka.

In his latest speech to Wrestling Inc site microphones, former WWE Spanish-language commentator Hugo Savinovich, seen at the Stamford company's comment tables for years, wanted to speculate why Charlotte Flair was kept out of the federation business from Wrestlemania 37, for a trivial reason like her alleged pregnancy, which was denied several days before the show's show.

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Pressed about the absence of Charlotte Flair, Hugo said: "I believe she is a woman who is a legend, who bears a legendary name like Ric Flair and who has become one of the best in her field, and then is kept out of Wrestlemania with a futile excuse like that of being pregnant? she was at Wrestlemania, but she was there the next night, kicked ass or all of them, got her a CM Punk mini-pipe bomb in the ring too.

You didn't have her at Wrestlemania. You didn't have Brock Lesnar. You didn't have The Rock. You didn't have many things. You didn't have Jeff Hardy. You didn't have John Cena. You didn't have any surprises.

You didn't have CM Punk and the only thing you could do was introduce someone ready. Someone who is a priceless diamond. Someone who has been called the Queen of wrestling and you don't put her on the card? But then do you insert it into the Raw card the next night? What the hell is going on with the whole creative process? It was a great move for Raw, in my opinion, it was more of a message for her Latin boyfriend, maybe they wanted to send a little bit to everyone, 'Hey, whoever crosses that line, we don't care if you're Queen Charlotte or if you are.

Andrade or whoever. We will cut you off the card.' " Apparently, therefore, according to Savinoch, WWE would have wanted to send a clear message to all its employees, warning them to always behave well, under penalty of immediate exclusion from the most important cards. regardless of high rank or career position.