Chris Masters talks about his current relationship with WWE

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Chris Masters talks about his current relationship with WWE

One of the wrestlers who for several years fought in the rings of the McMahon family and then disappeared into thin air, reappearing only in American independent companies and then also in important federations such as Impact Wrestling and NWA, is Chris Masters, who for a long time had been designated by the WWE as a possible duo champion alongside Carlito, another former federation wrestler, also seen in this year's Royal Rumble or as a secondary champion of Raw.

After his two stints that took place almost entirely in the rings of the WWE Monday night red show, Chris Masters also had to fight with addiction demons, even going to rehab at the expense of the McMahons, who as we know pay all the costs of this.

kind to all their employees who need it.

Former WWE Superstar Chris Masters had a decent time in WWE

Interviewed by Chris Van Vliet, the NWA National Champion, Chris Adonis, this Masters ring-name outside of WWE, wanted to talk about his stint in WWE and what could be his sensational return, revealing that he also felt a bit exiled in the last period.

To the microphones of the well-known journalist, the former Masters has in fact revealed: "I would love to come back for the Royal Rumble or something. I mean, never say never. I feel like they might contact me at some point.

But I have come at a time when, at this point, I feel like I have been exiled. We have seen this happen in the past as well. But as I said never say never. In the end, they could always contact me to propose something, even if I took it off my list of future goals.

At the moment I'm just focusing on my commitments with the NWA." Apparently, although several of Chris Masters' colleagues have already been called back even more than a few times to the rings of the McMahon company, only he still would never have made his.

return after 2011, a sign that for the Stamford federation Chris is not an unmissable figure in the world of wrestling. Masters had suffered his first Wellness Policy Violation in the summer of 2007 and was suspended for 30 days, Keep in mind that the summer of 2007 was a very dark time for WWE, as they and the rest of the world were still struggling with the reality of the Chris Benoit murder/suicide situation.

Wrestling had once again become an ugly word, and there was considerable heat on WWE once again for a wrestler dying while under their employment. But this was far more than that: Benoit also killed his wife and son in a gruesome crime that was made worse by the autopsy done on his brain afterwards.

When the extent of the damage to Benoit’s brain was made public, it really made the company look like monsters for the damage they put their wrestlers through.