Kurt Angle hands the highest praise to iconic superstar

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Kurt Angle hands the highest praise to iconic superstar

The latest edition of the 'Kurt Angle Show' was characterized by countless twists, as the former Olympic gold medalist answered a wide range of questions while also revealing the greatest performer of each era. It is no secret that Kurt Angle has always been a huge fan of Bret Hart, as well as having shown enormous admiration for super technical athletes of the caliber of Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit.

Although the epilogue of his career was not what he hoped for or by fans, the former heavyweight champion is universally recognized as one of the most electrifying superstars in the modern era of WWE.

Kurt Angle on Ric Flair's work

“In my opinion, Bret Hart is the greatest wrestler of all time.

As for his ability to be in the ring, I can't find anyone else who can define himself on the level of him. Maybe Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit are close to him, or I myself, but I honestly consider Bret the GOAT of this discipline,” Kurt Angle explained.

“Ric Flair also deserves a place up there, not only for his extraordinary technique but also because he had the ability to engage fans in the psychology of the match. Besides, he could also be a lot of fun depending on the circumstances.

But if we talk about pure technique, Hart is the best he has ever seen in my life,” he added. Angle revealed how Triple H asked him to train some young talent at the Performance Center in the future. "I might consider doing it.

He'd like me to go to the PC once a month to help out emerging kids. We haven't defined anything concrete yet, but there may be this possibility in the future. I like to train kids, even though I don't have much time to do it right now.

Believe it or not, even during this pandemic time, I have done a great job serving numerous superstars. I'm good at passing on my experience to others”. Kurt Angle firmly believed that Ric Flair also deserved to be right at the top as the Nature Boy was a technically sound wrestler who enhanced the psychology of his wrestling matches.

Kurt Angle noted that Ric Flair was much more than just a wrestler as the two-time WWE Hall of Famer was an all-out entertainer. Despite Ric Flair's iconic contributions to the business, Kurt Angle still stuck to his opinion about Bret Hart being the most outstanding in-ring technician in professional wrestling history.