Former WWE Superstar EC3 hospitalized

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Former WWE Superstar EC3 hospitalized

During the black day of 2020, on the now-distant date of April 15, in which the WWE decided to go and cut hundreds of its employees, including wrestlers, road agents, referees and office employees, one of the many names that the federation decided to release, was also that of EC3, a former TNA world champion who then moved to the McMahon-owned wrestling rings.

Although EC3 had reached his second stint in Stamford, with the first having been a complete failure, at the start of the second WWE adventure in the rings, it seemed that the former World Impact Wrestling champion could do something more with the only claim coming in his second tint though, which was the 24/7 title win.

EC3's post garnered tons of support

EC3's post left many of his fans in concern, and he has since received several messages wishing him the very best in this ordeal. A bunch of wrestlers also commented on the post and sent their wishes to the former WWE Superstar.

Although after the release arrived from WWE, the wrestler returned to the Impact Wrestling rings first and those of the Ring of Honor then, at the moment his on-screen work would have suddenly stopped, because the athlete would have encountered a bad infection.

which would get worse over the days, forcing him to be hospitalized almost a week ago. As admitted by Ethan Carter III himself, in a personal post released on Instagram, the wrestler would have been hospitalized now 6 days ago, to cure a nasty infection that the former top champion of the Impact Wrestling rings had taken lightly.

Despite the initial scare, the wrestler wanted to reassure his fans, saying that it will take a few more days to see him back in action and get him released from the hospital, but that he will soon be back at 100%. After fighting his last match in the GCW rings over the weekend of Wrestlemania 37, against the Impact Wrestling fighter Moose, the athlete's next engagement in the rings should be that of next April 27, against Matt Cardona, the former Zack Ryder from WWE.

We will see if the wrestler will be able to recover by that date or if the match will be canceled or postponed by now. From the editorial staff of WorldWrestling go the best wishes for a quick recovery to the former WWE fighter.

EC3's WWE main roster run was a disaster as creative ultimately killed the momentum he had built in NXT, and he was relegated to being a lower-card act. EC3 was released from the company last year due to WWE's budget cuts amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He has appeared for several promotions since his release.