Goldberg on facing former WWE Intercontinental Champion

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Goldberg on facing former WWE Intercontinental Champion

As reported previously, Bill Goldberg appeared in the latest episode of WWE The Bump, a secondary WWE broadcast, which airs on all the federation's social pages, in particular on Twitch, where the Hall of Famer talked about various topics, including his probable return.

Speaking about his possible appearance in the McMahon ring, the WWE Hall of Famer wanted to leave the door open for his imminent return, saying he was absolutely sure that he could still make a difference in an age that is no longer very young and thus opening to a new era of Goldberg.

Among the many names brought up, as in the last appearances, in which he mentioned the name of Roman Reigns, who Da Man had already challenged at Wrestlemania 36, this time the name of Edge, also WWE Hall of Famer, came out, which apparently would not like the former Universal Champion too much for its petite measures.

Goldberg also referenced Edge and Roman Reigns using the spear

Speaking of the Hall of Fame colleague, who currently still seems to be feuding with the Tribal Chief, Bill Goldberg wanted to say: "I feel pretty in awe of what Edge is doing, of course.

The parallels have come and gone throughout my career, obviously always with the necessary measures and I have always been able to remain at a very high and acceptable level, which is the same one with which I still do it, even if he weighs only 90 kg and it's a little different than all those little guys like him."

Although Edge weighs over 100 kg and is a big man standing 193 cm tall, he seems to be absolutely physically balanced in all respects, but apparently, Goldberg who's 196 cm tall and weighs 130 kg continues to tease the whole WWE roster a bit, laying the foundations for a possible confrontation with all the most important main eventers of the federation, after having challenged McIntyre at the Rumble and having launched a challenge never met with the Tribal Chief last year.

Is it time to get back on the pitch for Da Man? Roman Reigns defeated Daniel Bryan and Edge at WrestleMania 37 to retain the WWE Universal Championship. Both Reigns and Edge use one of Goldberg’s moves – the spear – as their finisher.

Goldberg used a car analogy to applaud Edge’s execution of the spear. He also made it clear that he has unfinished business with Reigns: “I’m greatly appreciative,” Goldberg added. “It’s like being a car guy and seeing a car that you not necessarily would drive, but you can appreciate how it’s built and the craftsmanship and what went into it.

I’m mainly talking about the spear thing because… but yeah, man, that’s gonna be one hell of a match [Reigns vs. Bryan vs. Edge], and Roman and I got something that we need to talk about one of these days”.