Triple H talks about Mickie James' WWE release

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Triple H talks about Mickie James' WWE release

In the past few hours, there has been nothing but talk of Mickie James and the treatment reserved for her by the WWE, which sent her personal belongings left in the locker rooms of the ThunderDome federation, in a garbage bag, which was then delivered to your home.

After the release arrived overnight, last April 15 and after having seen a real garbage bag delivered at home, with its objects inside, Mickie James wanted to comment in an even too polite way. 'happened, on his Twitter account, with fans and insiders who are unleashed in every way against the behavior of the WWE.

Triple H took to Twitter to confirm that a person from the WWE has been fired for disrespecting recently released talent. The Game, however, didn't disclose the person's identity.

Stephanie McMahon apologizes to Mickie James on behalf of the WWE

After also receiving the support of former athlete Maria Kanellis, who revealed that she had undergone the same treatment as her colleague Mickie James, two important figures of the federation, such as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, also assured Mickie James that they would take serious measures for what happened.

After the apologies and the confirmations arrived from the WWE executives, we learn that Mark Carrano, responsible for relations with the WWE talents, was fired, for having been the main person responsible for what happened with the garbage bags.

As revealed by the colleagues of Fightful Select, in fact, the returning Johnny Ace, better known by his real name on WWE televisions, John Laurinaitis, would have taken the place of Carrano in all respects from his hiring, with the former inventor of the "People Power" who is said to have immediately pointed out Carrano's faults in this story, leading WWE to immediately eliminate him from its corporate pyramid.

As reported by the Select reporters, in fact: "Ace immediately revealed that Carrano was responsible for the talent and garbage bag problems and should have taken care of it. Without further official announcements, however, we have been informed that at the moment Carrano has been fired"

Kim was glad that Triple H and the WWE took action, but she added that similar incidents have been happening in the promotion for a very long time. "Well I'm glad Hunter took initiative, but it's been happening since before I was there.

Is it always the same person? At least they did something I suppose," said Gail Kim. We presently have no details on who was responsible for the entire ordeal, but we should get all the details soon. Stay tuned.