Charlotte Flair destroys Dave Meltzer for...

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Charlotte Flair destroys Dave Meltzer for...

Once again, the well-known journalist of the Wrestling Observer, the well-known Dave Meltzer, is back to talk about himself, obviously in the most stupid and vulgar way possible. After having commented in a decidedly unethical and unprofessional way the physique of Charlotte Flair and above all the interventions that the daughter of the Nature Boy has made in the last period of her to her person, the response of the Queen was not long in coming.

Apparently, between the two there had already been some small disagreement in the past, with Charlotte who had already tried to silence the journalist, who not happy, has again increased the dose, once again receiving the fury of the Queen of the WWE, who this time was even less diplomatic than the last fight between the two, sending him directly to the devil.

Charlotte Flair recently lashed out at WWE

After learning about the words of the well-known journalist in the pro-wrestling field, Charlotte Flair certainly did not send them to tell Dave Meltzer, releasing several tweets in which she wanted to make her thoughts even clearer, getting really personal with him.

Meltzer's words that made Charlotte go on a rampage would have been: "Charlotte is undergoing a real makeover because she is not aware of how she looks like her." After hearing and reading these words, also reported by several Twitter users, Charlotte wanted to reply: "Yes, I just heard.

I thought Meltzer had already learned his lesson last time, commenting on women's bodies, but apparently I have been too lighthearted. So I'll come back to answer. Yet. On a rumor concerning my body. Yet. You know what? This is where I stop.

Dave, go to the Devil." And then again, in a second tweet: "You have my phone number. It would take you 30 seconds to ask instead of making up crap to tell your listeners. Grow up. For you, for all the other people, who comment on a woman's look ...

Don't you have a minimum of shame, decency or professionalism left in you? Find a mirror. Look out, Dave." Apparently, Charlotte Flair was going to be even more outraged this time than the first time, with Meltzer's comments that they didn't go down to the WWE Queen at all, literally paving the way for the well-known.

reporter, who will now probably think twice before commenting on his physique. Charlotte Flair is currently feuding with both RAW Women's Champion Rhea Ripley and her former tag team partner Asuka. Flair has been sporting a new, darker look since her return which have been received very well by the WWE Universe.